Donald Trump’s Christmas Tweet Is Very, Very Simple

Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Donald Trump loves reminding Americans that "Merry Christmas" is back now that he's president. Whether it's May or October, Trump wants Americans to be "proud to be saying 'Merry Christmas,'" never mind seasonal expectations. Perhaps that's why Trump's Christmas 2019 tweet is short and sweet — despite usually having a lot to say, Trump wants to make a point about Christmas.

As in past years, Trump tweeted a brief "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" in honor of the holiday this year. It could have been mistaken for his 2018 Christmas tweet, other than the use of all-caps in his message. But all-caps isn't that unusual for Trump; his 2017 Christmas message was also capitalized across the board.

Trump is known for his provocative, and some might argue, unprofessional (or at least unpresidential) use of the Twitter medium. But despite regularly putting out tweetstorms for CNN and other news organizations to read on-air, Christmas Day is one of the few times he embraces brevity. He'll rant on Christmas Eve, like his infamous "Poor Me" message in 2018 or his "Fake News" complaints in 2017. But since being elected, he rarely tweets out more than a simple holiday greeting on the day itself — though always making sure to make it a pointed "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays" or even "Merry Xmas."

This could be an attempt to keep things light and apolitical for the holiday season, but the president has really driven home the idea of saying "Merry Christmas" in the past. In May 2019, Trump argued that he had defeated people who say "happy holidays."

"We’re back to saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again in this country, and that’s something I consider a great achievement because it really spells out what’s happening," Trump said at a May interfaith dinner, according to HuffPost.

Trump has also argued that former President Barack Obama and other Democrats used the phrase "happy holidays" to be more politically correct. Aside from the fact that "happy holidays" is a more inclusive phrase that encompasses all religions and holidays (there are a lot of religious holidays in December), Obama regularly wished Americans "Merry Christmas" in addition to happy holidays, per NPR.

Christmas isn't the only holiday that Trump is convinced liberals have it out for, either. In November 2019, he also implied that there's a war on Thanksgiving, and suggested people were trying to rename the holiday. However, he did so without providing any proof that anyone actually wants to change Thanksgiving's name. The White House did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment or clarification at the time. Despite Trump's strong feelings about the holiday season, however, his tweet commemorating Christmas this year did not give away anything but a desire to celebrate.