Donald Trump Jr. Celebrated His Own Birthday With The Most Extra Retweet

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I have to admit, I love celebrating other people's birthdays. I'm not sure whether it's the tasty cake or festive decorations that puts me in the party spirit, but I'm always excited to warm my pipes to sing "Happy Birthday" to someone I care about. Everyone should love their birthday, but let's face it: Donald Trump Jr.'s tweet about his own birthday is a bit much. You might want to leave the party planning to someone else, Don.

Monday, Dec. 31 marks Donald Trump Jr.'s 41st birthday. I, for one, am all about taking time to celebrate another year on earth, but that day Trump Jr. took to Twitter to retweet a post that's... extra, to say the least. The tweet, which was initially posted by news site The Daily Caller, spotlights Trump Jr.'s birthday by sharing a roundup of his "most bada$$" Instagram photos from 2018. Of course, Instagram photo slideshows are typically a pretty straightforward birthday tribute for anyone. However, the wording behind The Daily Caller's tweet is quite extravagant to say the least, and the fact that Trump Jr. retweeted the aggrandizing message on behalf of his own birthday is... well... a lot. Elite Daily reached out to representatives of Trump Jr. for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

Hey, at least he's hearing nice things on his birthday? However, Trump Jr. celebrating his own birthday might be necessary, especially since very few of his family members appear to have given him a birthday shout out on social media as of the afternoon of Dec. 31. However, his little brother, Eric Trump, has taken to Twitter to wish his older brother a happy 41st by sharing a family photo that might not be as "bada$$" as the slideshow.

In addition, Trump Jr.'s father, President Donald Trump, took to Instagram to wish his son happy birthday through a very short, and straightforward, Instagram post. "#HappyBirthday @donaldjtrumpjr!" he wrote.

That's... nice? Honestly, though, it's gotta be hard sharing a birthday with the biggest (and last) party day of the year. Even though Trump Jr. may not be feeling a ton of birthday love from all of his family today, let's hope they at least chipped in to buy him a birthday hat.

Truth be told, Trump Jr. probably has a lot on his plate at the moment that might take away from the birthday celebrations. For one, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, which pertains to whether the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russian operative during the 2016 presidential election, is well underway. Why does this impact Trump Jr.? Well, back in June 2016 Trump Jr. arranged a meeting at Trump Tower between him and a group of Russians during his father's run for president. News of this meeting surfaced in June 2017, and Trump and his team claimed that the purpose behind the meeting was to discuss U.S. adoption of Russian children. However, shortly after, Trump Jr. admitted himself via tweet that the meeting was in fact to actually get "dirt" on his father's then-opponent, Hillary Clinton, releasing the entire email chain publicly.

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If I had all that drama surrounding me on my special day, I would probably want to keep the celebrating more low key this time around. So, cheers to another year Trump Jr., we look forward to seeing what's in store for you.