If You're Feeling Totally On Edge, It Could Be Thanks To Saturn In Retrograde

Lately, it's been one stressful astrological phenomenon after another. Can't the universe give us a break already? I was just recovering from the technological perils of Mercury retrograde, now Saturn wants to make a run for its money. Let me tell you, Saturn will be far more heavy-handed once it goes into retrograde on April 17. You will feel its affects from deep within your core and how Saturn in retrograde affects your mood is beyond complex.

In astrology, Saturn sets barriers, lectures you on responsibility, and lets you get away with nothing. There's a reason Saturn is associated with father figures, for it is the most disciplinarian planet of all. When it goes into retrograde, all the negative aspects of your past will come back to haunt you. You're held accountable for all the harmful things you may have done and karma is no joke.

There's a whole spectrum of emotions involved with Saturn in retrograde. If you've been engaging in toxic behavior lately, this period will be way more rough. If you've been holding it together and putting your best foot forward, Saturn in retrograde might not affect you as badly. It'll be a unique experience for each individual and regardless of what type of person you've been, expect to learn a lot about yourself. Until it ends on Sept. 6, the growing pains will be real.

You'll Rethink The Way You’ve Been Communicating

Because Mercury squares Saturn during this retrograde, the theme of its effect will be centered on the way you've been expressing yourself. There's always a way to communicate with kindness, integrity, and honesty. However, it's a lot easier said than done. You may have a history of being passive aggressive during conflict, avoiding confrontation and weakening trust in your relationships. Perhaps you have a habit of criticizing or verbally abusing others. Maybe you tell a lie every now and then to avoid taking responsibility or owning up to your truth. Whatever negative patterns you may have engaged in, you won't be able to get away with it as easily.

During this retrograde, you'll be forced to reconsider the way you communicate. These tendencies have probably been an aspect of your personality for months, maybe even years, so don't expect them to go away all at once. The first step in improvement is to admit your faults.

You May Feel Like Apologizing For Your Past

After realizing some of the shady and harmful things you've been doing, you may feel overwhelmed with a sense of guilt. None of us are perfect and we all have something we should apologize for. And that's exactly what you should do. Apologize not only to others, but also to yourself. Then, forgive. There's no reason why you should continue to beat yourself up. An unhealthy self-esteem is often what causes negative behavior in the first place. In order to let go of your past, you must remain open to forgiveness and love. You owe it to the rest of the world and you owe it to yourself.

The process of apologizing can happen all at once, in one moment. It can also take weeks, if not months. Move at your own pace. A great way to come to terms with your past is to write about it in your journal, seek professional help, talk to your loved ones, or channel it through therapeutic activities.

You’ll Want To Become A Better Person

Once you've acknowledged and accepted the karmic repercussions of your past, it will be time to move on. Growth does not come easily. It doesn't slide into our lives gently. It stomps its way in, making a mess and breaking our hearts. Becoming a better person is a long and drawn out process full of screw-ups, missteps, and lots of guilty moments. This is why Saturn retrograde lasts four months — we need all the time we can get.

Think of this period as spiritual boot camp, testing you and strengthening you. At first, you'll be dripping in mud, covered in bruises, exhausted beyond recognition, and you'll want to quit. But eventually, you'll get the hang of it. By the time this is all over, you'll look back on your journey with pride, knowing just how far you've come.