Does Peter get engaged?

Pilot Pete's 'Bachelor' Ending Seems Totally ~Up In The Air~

Emma McIntyre/Contour/Getty Images

Fans know The Bachelor is traditionally supposed to end with an engagement. For 24 seasons, the show has followed basically the same format of introducing the Bachelor to a bunch of women interested in marrying him, him dating them all simultaneously, and then him choosing one to propose to during the final episode. But this season is far from cookie-cutter, and all of the recent episodes' ups and downs have people people wondering if Peter actually does get engaged on The Bachelor.

Heading into Fantasy Suite Week, Peter was left with three women vying for his heart: Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Madison. It seemed pretty obvious after their successful hometown dates that Madison and Hannah Ann were going to be invited to the final three. Victoria F. receiving a top three rose, however, came as a shock to many viewers, since their rocky altercation during hometown week prevented Peter from even meeting Victoria F.'s family.

The connection Pilot Pete has with all three contestants seems promising enough to yield in an engagement after the show. He told Madison he loves her, has swooned over Hannah Ann since he gave her the first impression rose on Night 1, and obviously likes Victoria F. enough to fight through tough situations with her.


However, the preview for Fantasy Suite Week in Australia seems to suggest more trouble is on the horizon for the Bachelor. In the teaser, Madison is seen telling Peter she wouldn't want to continue in the competition if he slept with someone else. Although it's not completely clear how the situation plays out, Peter later admits to being "intimate" with another woman. For this reason, there are theories Madison, the apparent frontrunner, will actually send herself home before Peter would have the chance to propose.

If Peter wants to propose to one of the other remaining contestants, Madison going home wouldn't be a problem, and Peter could still leave The Bachelor with a new fiancée. And TBH, there's still a good chance he chooses either Hannah Ann or Victoria F. in the end. He already told Hannah Ann he loved her while visiting her hometown, and there has been speculation she could win the season from the very beginning. Peter's connection with Victoria F. can't be ignored, either, as the pair have already worked through a few rough moments in their relationship.

But if Peter does want Madison and she does leave before he proposes, that would make his chances of getting engaged on the show a bit more bleak. There's a popular theory that Mama Weber's plea to "bring her home," which has been teased all season, could actually refer to Madison, meaning even if she does leave, Peter could get "her" back. Although, going from a breakup directly into an engagement seems a bit unrealistic, so they could potentially end the season together, but not engaged, like Bachelor alums Colton and Cassie.

Fans will have to tune in to see if the Bachelor leaves with a co-pilot by his side. Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.