Mercury Retrograde Could Affect Technology This Week, So Save Everything Now

To put it in bluntly: Mercury retrograde is a technological apocalypse. While Mercury appears to be rolling backwards, so does civilization as we know it. Sh*t happens. Like, your WiFi might start running slower than a snail for no reason. The most important phone call of your life could drop in a bad zone. You might accidentally send a text message that reveals deep, dark secrets to the wrong person. Documents that contain thousands of words covered in your own blood, sweat, and tears might never get saved, only to be lost in cyberspace forever. So, if you've been wondering whether Mercury Retrograde affects electronics or not, the answer is a resounding "yes."

Mercury rules over communication, technology, and transportation in astrology, which are all aspects of our lives that electronics have a major thing to do with. When Mercury goes into retrograde, we're forced to move against the grain. A lot of mechanics can break down, making us rethink the way we rely on electronics to get through life.

On Mar. 23, 2018, Mercury retrograde will transform screens into pixelated nightmares, network connections into a never-ending series of glitches, and text message conversations into total and complete misunderstandings. Here are a few tips to help you get through this trying time in one piece:

Back Up Your Files

This one sounds like a no brainer but it needs to be said: Back up your files, everyone. Tis the season for unsaved manuscripts being lost forever, accidentally deleting all the photos from your vacation, and searching for old drafts of your work in a state of panic.

It would be smart to send yourself an email with your files attached, copy your work onto a flash drive, upload everything onto iCloud, and save all the important files on a hard drive. These simple acts could prevent you from experiencing a ton of regret in the future.

Be Careful What You Click

Just because a questionable link sounds enticing enough for you to click on it doesn't mean you should. If a pop-up tells you that you've just won a $1,000 dollar gift card to Amazon, I promise that you didn't. Come on, what is this, the early 2000s? Who still falls for spam anymore?

You know that the internet is a cesspool of spyware and viruses. Don't be the person who catches one. In fact, go the extra mile and contact a computer expert. Ask them what precautions you can take to protect your software from harm.

Don’t Rely On Data Or WiFi For Survival

We literally use the internet for everything these days. Some of us don't even know how to get home from work without using their GPS. During Mercury in retrograde, all your technological comforts will be in limbo.

Before you leave the house, write down directions from point A to point B. Keep an old fashioned map printed on actual paper in your car. Copy all your important information onto platforms that you don't need the internet in order to reach. Discuss where you're meeting your friend at the mall before you leave the house. Data and WiFi is not reliable right now.

Check Twice Before You Hit Send

If you feel like telling your boss off over email, it would be wise to leave it in the drafts overnight before hitting send. If you're writing a text to your best friend admitting that you're considering breaking up with Jake, make sure you're not sending it to Jake himself.

You're going to feel ballsy and brash during this time, like impulsively saying how you feel without considering the damage it could do. Think twice before sending something out. Make sure you're sending it to the right person. You will thank me later.

Have Important Conversations In Person

You know what? It would be best not to tell anyone anything sensitive over the phone or over text. I know this isn't always possible since some of us don't have the time or means of transportation, but try your best to say as much as you can in person. A lot can be misunderstood when you can't actually hear the tone of someone's voice or read their body language while they say something. You'd be surprised how much more smoothly a controversial statement can go over when you're simply able to feel out someone's energy.

Take A Break From Your Phone

If you really want to play it safe during Mercury retrograde, put away your phone as often as possible. As addicted as the majority of us are to these sneaky gadgets, a break from technology might feel like pure bliss. We get our feelings hurt while lurking on social media, wait forever for responses to risky texts, accidentally like photos on our crush's Instagram feed from 2012, and more. During Mercury retrograde, you'll be prone to these technological mishaps way more than usual. Why not just go on airplane mode for a while?