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Do Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Want Kids? Royal Babies Are Already On The Brain


It's been exactly, like, three hours since we learned that Prince Harry proposed to American actress Meghan Markle. Already, we have a million questions. When is the wedding? What does the ring look like? Am I going to be a bridesmaid? Do Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want kids? You guys get the picture.

More than anything, we're just so excited to watch this family keep growing — and just think about how cute were their children will be!

I'm not trying to get ahead of myself here, I'm just saying the idea of wee ones running around Buckingham Palace and hanging out with little George warms my heart in an unnaturally intense way.

Markle and Harry announced their engagement on the morning of Nov. 27 with an official statement from the Clarence House. It said,

Quickly, the royal family showed their support.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are "delighted for the couple and wish them every happiness."

Additionally, Kensington Palace tweeted,


Look, the royal lineage and royal titles process is pretty confusing. I'm going to do my best here.

If Prince Harry and Markle decide they do want to have children, their kids will not be outright considered princes or princesses. Instead, they will be called lords or ladies.

Here's whats up: According to Independent, it's all thanks to some rules that were set in place by Harry's great-great-grandfather, King George V. In 1917, he issued a Letters Patent (like a fancy piece of paper, probably) that said:

BUT! There's a loophole. If the Queen says it's cool to call their babies princes and princesses, then it's all good. In fact, when Kate Middleton was pregnant back in 2012, the Queen issued a Letters Patent that said,

So, Prince William's babes are a go. Now, we just have to wait and see what happens if/when Markle and Harry decide to have babies.

More than anything, we're just so happy these two found one another! Markle explained in a recent interview with Vanity Fair,

And what a great love story this is, Meghan.

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