Jessica and Mark on 'Love is Blind'

I Have So Many Questions About Jessica & Mark's Relationship On 'Love Is Blind'


In case you somehow haven't seen it yet, Love is Blind follows contestants who have to fall in love and get engaged before they ever meet in person. The experimental show dropped its first five of 10 episodes on Netflix on Feb. 13, and since five couples are still going strong into the next wave of the season, it really seems like it could be possible to find your true love through a wall. However, one of the pairs who got together during the experiment still has not convinced fans of their bond. So, do Jessica & Mark really get married on Love Is Blind? There's tons of questions swirling about their ability to make it in the real world.

From the start of the show, it was clear Jessica and Mark had a connection; they were the first pair viewers saw thrown into the whole "blind dating in an isolation pod" concept. The two immediately bonded over their shared love of Chicago sports and Italian beef, and both seemed hopeful for their relationship.

That is, until Jessica's relationship with Barnett complicated things. In Episode 2, Jessica took Barnett's interest in her as a sign to cut ties with Mark to show Barnett she was serious. But when Barnett decided he was no longer interested in Jessica (literally the day after telling her he'd marry her), Mark welcomed her back with open arms. "One of the things my mom always taught me growing up is that when you love something and you let it go, if it comes back it was always for you," he told cameras, explaining his acceptance of Jessica's apology.


Jessica and Mark got engaged in Episode 3 and met face-to-face for the first time before embarking on a vacation to test their physical compatibility. To Jessica's pleasure, their 10-year age gap (she's 34 and Mark is 24) didn't seem to be an issue. "I was instantly very, very attracted to him," she explained, adding: "The person who I love might not be the stereotypical [person] that people would choose for me, but he's my person ... and age is not a factor for us."

Upon arriving to Mexico, however, Jessica seemed a bit more hesitant about their physical relationship. "I'm not ready to jump on him or anything like that, but I'm kind of excited because part of this whole experiment is 'OK, we've got an emotional bond ... so let's see if we can build off that and see if that attraction can really grow," she explained.

Despite Jessica's initial acceptance of their age gap, she seems to become more concerned with it throughout their vacation, and worried they were at different places in their lives. Add that tension to the fact Jessica basically told Barnett she still had feelings for him in Episode 4, and things seemed to only got more bleak for the couple. By the end of Episode 5, Jessica admitted her relationship is "struggling for sure," and she told Mark she wouldn't feel comfortable meeting his family with a ring on her finger.

All in all, things don't look too peachy for Jessica and Mark, or their upcoming nuptials, but fans will have to tune in to see if they can get over their struggles and make it to the altar. Love is Blind will air more episodes on Feb. 20, followed by a two-hour finale on Feb. 27 on Netflix.