Netflix has a new dating show called 'Love is Blind'

'Love Is Blind' Is Like 'The Circle' Meets '90 Day Fiancé' & It Is Everything


From setting up exes in a tropical locale to introducing potential partners while they're fully in the nude, there's a reality dating show for everyone out there. And now, there's a new series that combines some of the most compelling dating show concepts and rolling them all into one chaotic series. For those who have heard chatter about Netflix's Love Is Blind and are wondering what it is, here's what you need to know so you can be full prepared:

If you liked (or were freaked out by and ultimately couldn't look away from) The Circle, Love Is Blind is going to hook you from the start. A group of contestants are on the show to find love, but there's one major catch: They can't see each other while they're dating. Thirty singles enter into an Atlanta facility and only get to meet their potential love matches while sitting in isolation in a pod, talking to their suitors through an opaque, glowing wall. After 10 days, the couples can either get engaged (still without seeing each other!) or leave the show single. If they choose the first option, they'll get to meet their betrothed face-to-face for the first time, then head out to the real world to plan their upcoming (and fast-approaching) nuptials.

Once the contestants are out of the "pods," they'll have to face some real-world issues like families, finances, race, and the possibility of simply not being sexually attracted to someone who they met through a wall. Meanwhile, Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the show, constant reminding them of the introspective question they're supposed to continually ask themselves throughout the journey: Is love really blind?

At the beginning of the show, the hosts explain: “Psychologists believe that emotional connection is the key to long-term marital success, not physical attraction.” However, from the looks of the trailer, everyone is pretty good-looking, so I'm not sure they really underscored their point during the casting process.

Check out the full trailer below for an idea of whats to come:

The concept of getting to know people without actually seeing said people isn't new to Netflix. The streamer released The Circle in January, in which contestants crafted unique (and sometimes cat-fishy) social profiles in the hopes of becoming the most-liked member of the group and winning a cash prize. Despite the Black Mirror-esque premise, the hit show felt really hopeful, as viewers saw true friendships form between the people through the computer.

But instead of finding friendship and a cash prize, the contestants on Love is Blind are seeking something a bit more serious: marriage. And for that reason, the show is reminiscent of other fast-moving dating shows like TLC's 90 Day Fiancé or The Bachelor. The Netflix series comes from the production company behind Married at First Sight (and it shows), so they likely know what they're doing when it comes to creating the perfect situation for quicker-than-average love matches.

Much like Netflix's The Circle and its other reality show, Rhythm + Flow, Love Is Blind will drop 10 episodes over three weeks, giving viewers the opportunity to marathon-watch just a few hours each week before the next episodes are available.

Love is Blind will air Episodes 1-4 on Feb. 13, Episodes 5-9 on Feb. 20, and a two-hour finale Episode 10 on Feb. 27 on Netflix.