Barnett is on 'Love Is Blind'

Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Love Is Blind’ Contestant Barnett


Even though the people on the show can't see each other's faces, viewers don't have to be in the dark (metaphorically, or in a real-life isolation pod) when it comes to knowing the contestants on Netflix's Love Is Blind. If you haven't heard, the series follows singles who have to get engaged before they can meet face-to-face, so naturally viewers are interested in getting to know the people who signed up for this chaos. So if you're asking who Barnett is on Love Is Blind, here's a bit of background on the contestant.

Barnett (aka Matt Barnett) is an engineer from Canton, Georgia, and he's one of the 20 contestants who joined the dating show in search of his love match. The people he's dating have to rely solely on conversation to get to know him, but luckily fans can turn to Instagram for a quicker briefing. But even before taking a look at his photos, his handle choice of @mrflex13 already gives fans insight into his, erm, playful personality.

A quick browse of his socials show Barnett didn't go far from home to attend college; he graduated from Georgia Tech in late 2013 before becoming an engineer. Outside of work, he is a pretty athletic guy — he's competed in a Spartan race, ran a 5K, surfed on wakeboards, shredded on snowboards, tested out skydiving — and has the pics to prove it.

He's also done a good bit of traveling. Pics from 2018 show him posing at the Lourve, Stonehenge, the Roman Colosseum, and the Chicago Bean, all within a matter of months.

But more than anything, his socials feature photo after photo of his furry puppy friends, and his love for them definitely comes through loud and clear. It looks like his parents have two Shiba Inus and he has a large white dog of his own named Koda. At least on Insta, no pup's birthday goes unacknowledged, and it's cute AF.

On the show so far, Barnett has earned himself something of a frat guy-type reputation. But despite his aloof personality, Barnett said he's ready to find a serious relationship on Love Is Blind. It's clear from episodes 1 through 5, which dropped on Feb. 13, there's already a few women interested in him, and his chances of ending up in a lasting relationship look promising. Fans will have to tune in for more episodes to see how it all unfolds.

Netflix released Episodes 1-5 of Love is Blind on Feb. 13. It will release episodes 6-9 on Feb. 20, and there will be a two-hour finale on Feb. 27.