Amber & Barnett on ‘Love Is Blind’

Could Amber & Barnett Become The Surprise Success Of 'Love Is Blind'?


Girl likes boy. Boy likes three girls. Girl is persistent until boy breaks it off with the others and proposes to girl. Oh, and boy and girl can't see each other until after they get engaged. Yeah, Love Is Blind clearly has not set up its contestants to have a classic love story, and Amber and Barnett's tale might be one of the most unconventional of the group. Though they've made it pretty far into the show's "experiment," all of their ups and downs have many fans wondering whether Amber and Barnett will actually get married on Love Is Blind, or if their walk down the aisle will be the end of the road.

Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 1 through 9 of Love Is Blind follow. After hitting it off in the pods and deciding to get engaged, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett quickly formed a playful yet ~steamy~ bond. Upon seeing each other for the first time, they both broke out into what seemed to be "OMG, I can't believe you're this hot" laughter before heading straight to Make-Out City. "Did you know the whole time he looked like that?" Amber asked cameras incredulously, clearly pleased with the aesthetics of her new fiancé.


Though he also seemed pumped about his new bae, Barnett did appear to be a bit less gung-ho about the whole concept. "I never thought I would come out of this engaged," he said to cameras. This makes sense to any fans who had been following his journey in the pods. I mean, up until extremely recently, Barnett had been juggling Amber and two other women, L.C. and Jessica, and when he finally narrowed it down to Amber, he was nervous AF to actually propose.

However, as he and Amber continued to get to know one another throughout the show, viewers have only seen their love blossom — even as Barnett's former potential partner Jessica dropped not-so-obvious hints about how she was feeling about their relationship.

Since leaving the pods and their post-proposal vacay in Mexico, things have gotten pretty real for Amber and Barnett. First, there's Barnett's family. During a very cringe-y meetup, it was clear Amber did not mesh with the loved ones of her betrothed. They are pretty quiet folks who don't seem too keen on the accelerated timeline of the couple's relationship, while Amber is loud, unfiltered, and fully ready to get hitched and start her life with her man. Barnett has made it clear he is afraid to disappoint his fam, so it's possible this could play a role in whether he ends up going forward with the wedding.


The other big hurdle for the duo is one many couples face: finances. Barnett is an engineer who appears to be financially independent. Amber, however, revealed she has more trouble in the money department. On top of student loans, the ex-tank mechanic doesn't seem to have a steady income stream. Amber told cameras she hopes to become a "stay-at-home mom" while Barnett "takes care" of her once they're married. Barnett has clearly been frustrated by the situation, joking about he doesn't "know what she does all day" while he goes to work. It sounds like the two need to have a serious talk if they want to get on the same page.

Finally, there's the question of whether Barnett is ready to commit. Amber has said time and time again how determined she is to make their relationship work, but it takes two to tie the knot, and fans are not convinced Barnett is ready to become a husband.

Audiences will find out what happens next in the Love Is Blind Season 1 finale, during which each set of couples will walk down the aisle of their own weddings and either say "I do" or "I don't" in front of their friends and families... and all the fans tuning in on Netflix. Save the date for Episode 10 on Feb. 27.