Dixie D'Amelio's "Be Happy" Music Video Outfits Are Low-Key So Easy To Copy


Sometimes, Dixie D'Amelio doesn't wanna be happy. But her new single "Be Happy" sure made a lot of people pretty thrilled. With over 5 million streams on Spotify and 20 million views on the "Be Happy" music video, D'Amelio's jump from TikTok sensation to pop star has largely been a success. The only thing that's stayed the same? Her fans' interest in copping her closet. D'Amelio's outfits in her "Be Happy" music video are a hot topic among fans, and lucky for everyone, getting the same look is relatively affordable.

The "Be Happy" music video shows a somber D'Amelio lounging about her family's house as she sings about wanting people to let her be sad sometimes. (Relatable!) Throughout the video, she wears a variety of casual 'fits, because who doesn't stan a no-fuss queen? Although the video's YouTube description doesn't credit a wardrobe stylist, it seems Mimi Cuttrell, New York-based stylist to the Hadid sisters, Dove Cameron, Priyanka Chopra, and more, may have had a hand in the video's looks, thanks to some Instagram sleuthing. While exact outfit credits for most of the items D'Amelio wears in the video have yet to be confirmed, keep scrolling to see her 'fits in the video for yourself and shop some similar picks.

In the video's opening scene, D'Amelio sits curled up in a chair in front of her family's pool. She wears a simple black cropped tank top, light wash denim shorts, and a super cropped black flannel shirt. That's it. That's the look... and it's perfect? Effortlessly chic? Casual cool-girl? I stan wholeheartedly? Sadly, none of the pieces in this look have been confirmed, but I have a pretty good hunch the black tank top included above is a match, and the denim shorts and cropped flannel are enough for a close dupe.

In the next shot, D'Amelio sits with her legs dangling off the edge of a backyard covering. Serving flannel once again, this time she wears a pale pink and pale blue plaid flannel, a white crop top, denim shorts, and large gold hoop earrings — the casual outfit of the summer, clearly. Again, while I'm pretty positive the white tube top above is an incredibly close, if not exact, match, the rest of the items will help you cop the same vibe.

Next up, viewers see a fully-clothed D'Amelio chilling in a bathtub full of dark-colored water. Symbolic! I'm not sure why I have a hunch that D'Amelio stole this oversized white button-down shirt from her dad's closet, but I do. Still, if you can't steal a man's oversized white button-down to chill in the tub with, the pick above is the next best thing.

In the super cozy next scene, D'Amelio lies on a large couch, surrounded by furry pillows and the most adorable dog I've ever seen. Forget the clothes; we should all get the dog. Anyway, it's unclear the exact hoodie D'Amelio's wearing here, but it looks to be a relatively simply black hoodie — easy! Although the brand of denim is also unconfirmed, D'Amelio's been known to wear both Revice Denim as well as Hollister Co. denim as of late, and the jeans included above look like the closest match.

Ah, yes. Another fully-clothed-in-water moment. I don't even mean that sarcastically. I genuinely love this content. As D'Amelio stands in her pool with an umbrella overhead, you can't clearly make out the bottoms (though they look similar to the denim shorts in the second look), but it is confirmed that she's wearing the above top from Hollister Co. All you have to do after copping these picks is grab your umbrella, stand under your pool's waterfall, and let your mom know it's art when she asks why.