Dixie D'Amelio's New "Be Happy" Music Video Has Fans In Their Feelings

Courtesy of Dixie D'Amelio on YouTube

TikTok fans went wild on Friday, June 26, when Dixie D'Amelio released the music video for her catchy debut single, "Be Happy." Fans knew it wouldn't be long until D'Amelio graced fans with a music video, and. sure enough, on July 1, she came through with the visual. Now, Twitter has erupted with praise for the TikTok star, because from the song's relatable lyrics to the video's stunning shots, Dixie D'Amelio's "Be Happy" video had fans all in their feelings.

The music video recounts a day in the life of D'Amelio. While it focuses on many happy moments in D'Amelio's life, play sessions with her adorable Golden Retriever and the moments she hangs poolside in her luxurious backyard, there are also clips that reflect her true feelings and how she doesn't always want to put on a happy face for show.

Seemingly drowning in her own emotions, D'Amelio appears underwater as she sings: "But sometimes I don't wanna be happy / Don't hold it against me / If I'm down just leave me there / Let me be sad / Sometimes I just wanna be lonely / Don't need you to hold me / If I'm low you don't need to care / Let me be sad."

The three-minute music video had D'Amelio fans in their feelings, and it didn't take long for fans to share their thoughts, with many expressing how proud they are of D'Amelio's impressive first foray into music. Check out the full music video below and scroll down to see what fans are saying.

"GOD IS A WOMAN AND HER NAME IS DIXIE D'AMELIO," one fan tweeted alongside two screenshots from the music video. Another Twitter user gushed: "It’s a great day to stan dixie jane d’amelio."

Some fans got super emotional, with one writing: "Dixie Jane D’amelio, I’m so proud of you I’m literally shaking and crying because you are so talent and so beautiful. Your voice is the one who calms my stress. I love you with all my heart and thanks for always giving me a smile when I’m sad."

While D'Amelio sings about not always being happy, it's safe to say she brings nothing but joy to members of her loyal fanbase.