Dixie & James Charles Got Real About The Lessons They Learned From The Chef Drama

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The Nov. 16 episode of Charli and Dixie D'Amelio's family supper series, Dinner With The D'Amelios, with special guest James Charles, triggered a series of dramatic callouts towards the TikTok-famous sisters for their alleged "spoiled" behavior. While, at the time of filming, the sisters' disgust towards their private chef's snail dish seemed insignificant, upon the video's release, the general public, as well as fellow influencers, were angry and at-the-ready with pitchforks. Now that the initial backlash passed, one sister got incredibly candid on her YouTube channel about the situation and insight she gained as a result of the social media firestorm. Dixie D'Amelio and James Charles' quotes about the chef drama in their new sit-down interview recount the crystal-clear lessons both learned since the infamous dinner at the D'Amelio household.

D'Amelio invited Charles onto the Dec. 9 episode of The Dixie D'Amelio Show for her YouTube channel, and the duo began their conversation by immediately addressing the elephant in the room: the chef drama. Charles featured heavily in the episode of Dinner With The D'Amelios that caused D'Amelio and her sister to become targets on the internet for gossip and callouts from influencers like Trisha Paytas, but didn't receive much backlash himself.

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"It was really weird, the whole situation. Obviously the dinner was such a good time. The food, in my opinion, was absolutely incredible. I probably have a more vast taste palette than you and Charli, maybe," Charles told D'Amelio at the outset of their talk. He also made sure to note that the video was partially scripted, like most reality programs, and her team asked her to eat the snail after she initially refused. "[You throwing up the snail dish] was kept in the video because everyone thought it was funny, and everyone here knew that it wasn't an actual shady moment."

D'Amelio agreed with Charles' points, and also expressed how much she learned from the public reaction to the scene in the initial episode. "So I think the problem I need to work on ... is my sense of humor is very sarcastic, which does not come across on the internet," she noted.

Charles pushed back slightly on this notion, and encouraged D'Amelio not to change her personality or sense of humor based on backlash, but to be more aware of public perception and the scandal-focused nature of the internet. With the incident in the past, it's clear that all parties involved plan on proceeding with caution and remaining conscious of their jokes in future videos. So, I'm guessing that means no more snails for dinner?