Disneyland's New Raspberry & Orange Dole Whip Flavors Are The Sweetest Tropical Treats


The happiest place on earth is continuing to live up to its magical reputation, thanks to a sweet spin on your favorite theme park eats. If you're a Pineapple Dole Whip devotee, you're going to want to adventure on over to Disneyland's new Tropical Hideaway, which is nestled between the Jungle Cruise and the Enchanted Tiki Room. There, Disney's new orange and raspberry Dole Whip Flavors await you to take your taste buds on a tropical getaway, all without leaving the park.

On Friday, Dec. 21, the purveyors at Disneyland gave park-goers an early Christmas gift in the form of some brand new theme park goodies. While the Tropical Hideaway — which is where the old Aladdin's Oasis used to be located — boasts an array of delicious new dining options that are completely unique to the offerings in the rest of the park, my attention was immediately arrested by the brand new Dole Whip Flavors. I've always been a fan of the cult-favorite OG Pineapple Dole Whip. In fact, it might be my favorite item that the park has to offer, and I will happily wait up to 30 minutes in line for the refreshing treat after a day of walking around Disneyland.

Well, it looks like your visit to Adventureland is about to get a lot tastier, because you can now order brand new orange and raspberry Dole Whip flavors, as well as the beloved pineapple flavor at one of the vendor-style stalls at the new Tropical Hideaway.

According to a blog post shared by Disney Parks on Friday, Dec. 21, these new flavors come in cup or float form, depending on your preference. If you want to try a little bit of everything, new swirl options are also available for you to mix and match the flavors. Customers can choose between pineapple and orange swirl or pineapple and raspberry swirl, which both sound delicious AF.

Considering that the lines are likely to be long when people realize that these new Dole Whip treats are available, I'd recommend getting one of each and double-fisting one as you make your way around the park.

This isn't the first time that Mickey Mouse and Co. have put a tangy spin on the classic whipped treat. However, it's arguably the most lasting and exciting of the revamps. In October, Disney released a limited-edition Pumpkin Spice Dole Whip (topped with candy corn) as well as a lime-green Maleficent soft serve cone. The catch? The fall concoctions were only available for a limited time, and in the case of the PSL-inspired eats, the creation was only being offered at Disney's Aulani Resort and Spa located in Ko Olina, Hawaii. While June's Lemon Dole Whip is sold a little closer to home and it looks like it's going to be around for a while, it's arguably not quite as exciting as the new flavors or located in quite as prime of a location. I mean, what better way to feel like you're on a tropical vacay than by indulging in the new goodies amidst flickering Tiki lights and the backdrop of the Jungle River Cruise?

In addition to mixing the Pineapple Dole Whip that you know and love with the orange and raspberry flavors, make sure to check out the eatery's exciting savory dining offerings such as a Chilled Ramen Shaker, a variety of spiced Baos, and even Sweet Lumpia Crab. Your taste buds will thank you for the culinary adventure.