Dim Sum Photos At Hong Kong Disneyland Prove It's Almost Too Adorable To Eat

Disney continues to prove to us over and over again that it knows how to provide a magical experience. A trip to Disneyland is truly one of a kind, and you know you will never be disappointed by the food. Not only is it delicious, but Disney always adds that extra touch of fairy dust to make it something totally Instagram-worthy. Forget the lines and crowds, the real dilemma on a Disney vacation is having food almost too cute to eat. The character dim sum at Hong Kong Disneyland especially gives us this challenge. Of course, we're going to eat it, but it's just so cute, we're having trouble taking our first bite.

Just looking at the pictures of these nine character dim sum from the Chrystal Lotus restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel has us all aww-ing with delight. Fun fact: The Disney Dim Sum actually has to be ordered 48 hours in advance to your reservation. It takes that long to get cute, but it's totally worth it.

We want to travel to Hong Kong Disneyland to see it for ourselves, but we also know the moment we have to pull out our chopsticks and eat, we'll be struggling. That's the good thing about a camera; snap a picture of the cute AF dim sum, and then you will feel much better about totally chowing down and savoring it.

Star Wars Ham Puffs
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

Darth Vader and Stormtroopers have never looked so cute. You wouldn't believe for a second these two ham puffs are on the dark side. You'll have to use all your force to get yourself to take a bite of these adorable ham puffs, but you'll be happy you did.

Mickey Seafood Pancakes
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

You may be thinking these Mickey pancakes look very familiar. It's true that they look just like our infamous Mickey waffles we have here in the U.S., but these are savory instead of sweet. Don't feel bad about eating the one who started it all; Mickey would want you to enjoy yourself at his park.

Olaf Steamed Red Bean Paste Bun
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

It was Olaf who said, "some people are worth melting for," so he would totally want you to eat him. This snowman from Frozen is actually the opposite of cold as he's a steamed red bean paste bun. I just can't get over the detail put into this tiny little dim sum from the nose to his little twig arms.

Baymax BBQ Pork Buns
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

Look, it's Baymax, your personal health care provider, from Big Hero 6. Baymax knows all we need is cute stuff and yummy food, so he has provided us with both. We are totally satisfied with our care, and can't wait to chow down.

Little Green Men Pork And Vegetable Buns
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

These aliens from Toy Story are always so cute, but we know there are a ton of them, so we don't feel so bad for eating these ones in front of us. Plus, they are pork and vegetable buns that are green inside. You have to take a bite to see for yourself.

Three Little Pigs BBQ Pork Buns
4 All Things Disney/YouTube

It's a little weird that these cute pig buns are filled with pork, but let's not talk about it. Instead, let's just focus on how adorable they are. Pretend you're the Big Bad Wolf, and you huffed and puffed correctly so you get to savor these little piggies. .

Duffy And ShellieMay Steamed Sweet Buns
Keith Lapinig/YouTube

If you're unfamiliar, Duffy is Mickey's traveling bear, and ShellieMay is his girlfriend. They are very popular overseas, and we can see why because they are too cute to handle. These bears can be great companions and are a perfect end to your dim sum meal as Duffy has sweet red bean puree inside and ShellieMay has a green tea filling.

Jack Skellington Shrimp Dumplings
TDR Explorer/YouTube

These seasonal Jack Skellington dumplings from The Nightmare Before Christmas were only offered for a short period of time at the Chrystal Lotus. However, we're thankful to have to pics of it. Just because I can't eat it, doesn't mean I can't see it.

Chicken Little Lotus Seed Puree Buns
gastronovoyage on Twitter

Chicken Little may have been one of those Disney animated movies we forgot about, which is why I'm so glad to see him making it over in Hong Kong. Lotus seed puree Chicken Little buns are available at the Chrystal Lotus.

I've never had lotus seed puree, so that is the only reason I'm so eager to eat into Chicken Little's cute little face. It's nothing personal, buddy.