8 Insta-Worthy Foods At Shanghai Disney You'll Want To Snap Before You Eat

Disney's newest addition to the parks family is massive. The stunning 963 acre theme park, Shanghai Disney, is truly a sight to see, and totally Instagram-worthy. It is home to the tallest Disney castle out of all the parks, and is 11 times the size of the OG Disneyland in California. It's true that Disney just keeps getting better and better, and that means the food offered in the park as well. In fact, the Instagram-worthy foods at Shanghai Disney will have you believing in the Disney magic that the company preaches.

It's not just an assortment of churros and popcorn in China, as Shanghai Disney takes their snack game to an extra level. We love our Disney park staples though, don't get me wrong, but when you're traveling to China to visit Mickey, you want to see some food that is truly unique. Luckily, Shanghai Disney delivers, and if you're planning a trip overseas, you need to try these eight Shanghai Disney foods.

I'm starting to save up now for a trip to China just so I can eat some of these delicious treats. Don't forget to snap a pic before chowing down. Seeing how delicious this food is, it'll be hard to resist just digging in, but you have to do it for the 'Gram and get that Insta pic first.

Duffy And Friends Panna Cotta
insidethemagic on Twitter

If you don't know Duffy the Disney bear, he is Mickey's traveling teddy bear who has tons of friends. Duffy and his friends are very popular overseas, and totally cute, so you can see why. There is a ton of Duffy merchandise and food available at Shanghai Disney like these Duffy, ShellieMay, and Gelatoni panna cotta.

Mike Bread

This bread that looks like Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc. is too cute. It's located at Remy's Patisserie, which is inspired by Pixar's other film Ratatouille. There are other delicious treats at this bakery, but you'll scream with delight upon seeing this adorable Mike Bread.

Mickey Sour Cherry Pastry

You'll also can't hit up Remy's Patisserie without trying some of the Mickey-shaped danishes, because of course, they're essential to the overall experience. This sour cherry pastry is beautiful to look at, and will make all of your Instagram followers have serious food FOMO. You'll definitely want to snap a pic or two before taking a bite into this one.

Olaf Cupcake

You know you will always find an assortment of cute AF treats at the bakeries in any Disney theme park. Shanghai does not disappoint with their candy apples and cupcakes made to look like your favorite Disney characters. Just look at how adorable these Olaf cupcakes are. You almost don't even want to eat them.

Tomato Soup With Parmesan Foam

We've all seen tomato soup, but have you ever seen tomato soup with Parmesan foam? Inside the massive Enchanted Storybook Castle, you'll find the Royal Banquet Hall where this special soup is on the menu. It is truly something magical that you'll only find at a place like Disney.

Cinderella Chocolate Slipper

For dessert at the Royal Banquet Hall, you have to order the Cinderella Chocolate Slipper. It's a white chocolate slipper filled with fruit, and served with two macaroons. It's pretty much the definition of too pretty to eat, but you have to.

Donald Duck Sundae
TDR Explorer/YouTube

At Il Paperino, there is an assortment of Donald Duck treats, so if he is your favorite of the fab five, you have to go. There they have Donald Duck waffles, and this Donald Duck ice cream sundae. You'll definitely know you're in for a treat with the black sesame cookie that comes on top.

Peking Duck Mickey-Shaped Pizza
Yan Wan Phang/YouTube

Pinocchio Village Kitchen has pizza that is Mickey-shaped! You can't escape seeing the big cheese — aka, Mickey Mouse — everywhere, and now you can get the big cheese with cheese on top. Not only is the fun shape enticing, but what a treat!