8 Foods From Tokyo Disneyland That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Mickey waffles and dole whip are what come to mind when we imagine Disneyland food, but there are so many other specialty treats you can get at the Disney parks around the world. It almost makes you want to hop on a plane right now, and travel to these destinations just to eat. The Disney brand is so well-known, that you'll always feel at home no matter where you are. Though, each country has a little unique twist to their treats offered in the park, and the foods from Tokyo Disneyland are just too cute to eat.

Japan really knows how to turn the cuteness factor all the way up. Every single food item offered throughout the parks has an adorableness to it that makes us not want to eat it — almost. Our hunger outweighs our need to preserve the adorable treat in front of us, and we're so glad it does, because these foodie items are just as tasty as they are Instagram-worthy. If you're planning a trip overseas to visit the Tokyo Disney Resort, you need to add each one of these eight items to your to-do list. Just don't forget to take a picture before you dive in, so the rest of us can all swoon over how cute your food was.

Hidden Mickeys Everywhere
plantblogger on Twitter

Something Disney is known for is their use of hidden Mickeys everywhere throughout the parks. They're "hidden," but really you can't escape them, and at Tokyo Disneyland you can find hidden Mickeys in their food. You can even get magic — or what I'm assuming is magic because it seems impossible — Mickey-shaped egg yolks in your curry rice.

Sweet Little Green Dumplings
janfe2018 on Twitter

These mochi ice creams are far too cute for words. They look exactly like the little green aliens from Toy Story. We don't want to eat them, because they're too adorable, but eventually, you'll be so hungry that you pull out the claw to eat them.

Scrump Dumplings
tdrexplorer on Twitter

If you thought the Toy Story alien dumplings were cute, you'll seriously love these Scrump mochi dumplings. If you remember Lilo's homemade doll from Lilo & Stitch, you know that Scrump's head is too big. Maybe that's because it's filled with delicious mango, banana, and purple sweet potato cream, which is what these dumplings are filled with.

'Star Wars' Mochi
tdrexplorer on Twitter

These probably aren't as "cute" as aliens and Scrump, but these Darth Vader and Stormtrooper mochi are Instagram-worthy as well. The ice cream inside is out of this world, with flavors like custard cream, berry cream, and milk and caramel cream. The force is undeniably strong with these mochi.

Mickey Medley
dreamsweetslove on Twitter

This trio of Mickey ice cream sandwiches is just another example of those hidden Mickeys you can see everywhere. It's just like eating those Premium Mickey Bars at Disneyland Resort here in the U.S. You don't want to hurt the big cheese, so maybe start with eating the ears first.

Ursula Shrimp And Pork Bun
worthintendo on Twitter

Tokyo DisneySea at the Tokyo Disney Resort has a fun aquatic feel, so obviously you'll find the greatest Disney villain from under the sea, Ursula, there. This Ursula pork bun looks just like our purple sea witch with black tentacle-like stripes. Inside is a combination of spicy shrimp and pork. Yum!

Mickey Mouse Teriyaki Steamed Bun
baylakespence on Twitter

This Mickey glove bun is like the Tokyo Disneyland equivalent of your churro pics at Disneyland. If you just so happen to be searching Tokyo Disneyland foods like me all day long, you can't miss this iconic food item. The teriyaki sandwich has two adorable Mickey gloves that serve as the buns, because of course.

A Mickey-Shaped Churro
dream1ng_d1sney on Twitter

OK, so we have churros here at our Disney parks, so what makes these Tokyo Disneyland churros special? Well, they are mickey-shaped. That's right, yet another mickey-shaped food, and we are loving it. You have to experience these churros just for the Instagram pic alone.