Ivana Trump Made Off With A Massive Settlement After Divorcing Donald Trump

by Chelsea Stewart
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Love hurts — especially when you're a celebrity and lots of money is involved. Over the years, there have been some extremely expensive divorce settlements among the world's biggest names, including people like, say, President Donald Trump. It makes you wonder: Did Ivana Trump get money in the Donald Trump divorce? Let's take a look back at the president's first marriage and subsequent split.

You may or may not have been born when Ivana and Trump got together in the late '70s, so you probably aren't aware of the apparent rollercoaster that was their relationship. The couple, who share three children — Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric — were together for more than 12 years before splitting up in 1989, after it was revealed that Trump had been having an affair with model-actress, Marla Maples (who later became his wife). Elite Daily previously reached out to the White House for comment on the affair, but did not hear back. As you can imagine, the divorce was messy, not just because of the affair, but because Ivana had signed several prenuptial agreements.

According to The New York Times, Ivana contested at least one of the agreements that included a promise of $25 million dollars and some real estate. She and her lawyers argued that she was entitled to half of her estranged husband's assets, which they estimated at the time to be around $5 billion. "But the erstwhile billionaire apparently never had that much to begin with and certainly does not have it now," the newspaper reported. "Mr. Trump's financial problems brought him near bankruptcy [in 1990] and forced him to ask his banks to rescue him by lending him more money to pay off bills." Trump's finances were notoriously troubled in the mid-1990s.

In the end, a judge reportedly ordered that Ivana receive $14 million, a sprawling mansion in Connecticut with 45 rooms, and an apartment in the Trump Plaza. She also got dibs on a room at Trump's Mar-a-Lago pad for one month a year, and received roughly $650,000 annually to support their kids. And this is in 1991 dollars, so today it would be worth more than $26 million. My divorce settlement could never. (!!!)

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Trump was apparently super thrilled to learn that he wouldn't have to cough up half of his assets, telling the press that the settlement was a "positive development."

"I'm very happy that this is behind me and I think it's a real positive step for everyone," he added.

Trump went on to marry Maples in 1993, just three months after she'd given birth to their daughter, Tiffany, but they'd called it quits by 1999. Maples had also signed a prenup, but she was able to make off with $2 million in the divorce settlement, per Newsweek. She then moved to California with Tiffany to “find a quieter, more spiritual existence.”

In 2005, he married now-first lady Melania Trump, who he'd met in 1998. The couple, who shares a son, Barron, have their moments, like all the times Melania has appeared to reject Trump's attempts at PDA, but after 20 years together it seems like they're making it work.

Of course, this probably isn't the outcome Ivana saw in the cards when she said "I do," but things don't seem as bad between her and Trump as you might think. According to the Associated Press, they still talk about once a week, and Ivana freely talks about her ex-hubby to the press.

Take notes, folks. That level of forgiveness and growth is wild.

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