It Kinda Sounds Like Hannah Brown Threw Shade At Jed Wyatt

John Shearer/WireImage/Getty Images

Hannah Brown is serving all the sass again, y'all! At the 2019 CMA Awards on Nov. 13 in Nashville, Tennessee, Brown made a subtle comment that sure sounded like a jab at her ex Jed Wyatt. It started when E! News correspondent Carissa Culiner ran into Brown on the red carpet — an interaction she documented on her Instagram Story. “Look who I already found! Oh my god! Princess, you finding a husband tonight, girl. She’s ready to get married. There’s some good options tonight," Culiner said. Brown cheekily responded, "I do like country music… and a real musician."

If you're familiar with Brown and Wyatt's history, you'll understand the root of this very specific and hilarious dig. Wyatt, whom Brown was briefly engaged to after their romance on The Bachelorette, is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville. On the show's finale, he told Brown's parents about his work in music, which included his "most major accomplishment" — writing a jingle for a dog food commercial. Brown's father was not impressed by this, telling his daughter, “I don’t want you to settle for anything."

Since that moment, Wyatt's dog food commercial has become the stuff of Bachelor Nation legends, in the same vein as Pilot Pete's windmill date or Colton Underwood's fence jump. Some fans took it to mean Wyatt wasn't a serious musician.

Regardless of her dad's hesitation, Brown did choose to give her final rose to Wyatt rather than runner-up Tyler Cameron. But on June 18, a People interview with Wyatt's ex, Haley Stevens, revealed that Wyatt wasn't being truthful with Brown about his past. Wyatt and Stevens had dated leading up to his time on The Bachelorette, and he reportedly didn't fully end that relationship before he started pursuing Brown. (Elite Daily previously reached out to Wyatt for his comment on this situation but did not hear back.)


Brown confronted Wyatt on-camera and decided to end their engagement, breaking up with him over the phone soon afterwards. It was a cringeworthy ending to the season, made more dramatic when Brown asked Cameron out for a drink. (Things didn't ultimately work out between them, either.) Brown has been single ever since — and is currently living her best life shimmying with Alan Bersten on Dancing With The Stars. As for Wyatt, he's kept a relatively low profile since The Bachelorette wrapped up, and he reportedly now has a new girlfriend.

So, when Brown told Culiner she likes "a real musician," it's not a stretch to assume she was referencing Wyatt. In his own city, no less! Brown also told Entertainment Tonight she'd be open to dating a country music star. "I'm a single lady. I like country music," she said. "They could serenade me well." Asked if her relationship with Wyatt had turned her off dating singers, Brown responded, "No, I can't be turned off by all musicians."

For now, though, Brown is focused on trying to win that DWTS mirrorball trophy. "It's something I have invested everything into at this point," she told ET. "We were up at 6 a.m. rehearsing before this. And so, it is just something that's really been a special part of my journey, and I would love to have that end game be with a beautiful trophy in my hand." This queen knows her priorities, and she can't be bothered by her past.