Yup, Jed Really Did Record A Dog Food Jingle & Now You Can Listen To It

ABC/John Fleenor

While Tyler Cameron won over the approval of Hannah Brown's parents on the first night of the Season 15 Bachelorette finale, Jed Wyatt's meeting with the family didn't go as smoothly. The Browns were wary about his music career and how he would be able to support Hannah with unpredictable forms of income. To prove to Hannah's dad he could bring in money with his profession, Jed revealed his biggest career accomplishment, which was that he recorded a jingle for a dog food company. I am happy to announce that Jed's dog food commercial is real, and available for Bachelor Nation to witness in all its glory.

In the first part of the two-night Bachelorette finale, the smooth Tyler C. unknowingly fought past Hannah's warning to her family that she had doubts about whether she was falling in love or lust with him. During his meeting with the Browns, he praised Hannah, joked about his dancing past, and essentially confirmed he loved her and intended to propose. Not only were Hannah's mom and dad blown away, but by the end of the visit, Hannah also seemed totally on board with getting engaged to Tyler.

These fuzzy feels quickly vanished when Jed came by to meet the folks. Right away, he told them he was a musician and songwriter, leaving Hannah's mom Susanne looking none too pleased, and prompting Hannah's father Robert to privately question Jed about his ability to support Hannah (and this scrutiny comes without the knowledge of Jed's reported pre-show relationship). As he nervously tried to assure Papa Brown he had enough income, Jed divulged his biggest professional milestone, saying, "I signed a deal with a dog food company. I wrote their jingle."

Robert reserved his Southern-style shade for a later conversation with Hannah, telling her, "He’s very proud of the dog food jingle that he did. That’s what he said he was proud about."

Hannah wasn't thrilled about her parents' opinions of Jed, but viewers were particularly invested in his career confession. It turns out, Jed really did create the jingle for a Better Bowl dog food commercial, and on Facebook, the company even included his name in a hashtag accompanying the ad's video.

"You get home, you know who's been waiting," an off-camera Jed sings in the commercial, "wagging by the door/ rain or shine, the kind of love like nothing you've seen before/ your dog really does deserve the best/ go pick them up some Better Bowl."

It's not as catchy as his Bachelorette staple "Mr. Right," but working on a legitimate ad campaign is definitely an achievement Jed should value. But when you're trying to convince your girlfriend's parents your passion for music is going to be lucrative, you might need a little more proof you're building a thriving career. Props to Hannah reminding her dad she's capable of supporting her family through her own means, but from a fan's perspective, the dog food platform plus Jed's shady pre-Bachelorette drama certainly isn't a great look.

Bachelor Nation has to wait and see whether the concerns of Hannah's family play a part in her final decision. Season 15 of The Bachelorette concludes with Part 2 of the season finale at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 30, on ABC.