Here's Why The BTS ARMY Is Convinced Jungkook Dyed His Hair Blue

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's one phrase that describes BTS' comebacks perfectly and it's "expect the unexpected." BTS surprises their fans each time they come out with a new album by experimenting with new sounds, new fashion styles, and new hair colors. No comeback is the same as the previous one, and that's what makes comeback season so exciting within the BTS ARMY. Out of all the guys, Jungkook changes his hair color the least. (He does change up his hairstyle all the time. Right now, it's the longest it's ever been!) He mostly keeps it a dark brown or black, but whenever he does dye his hair a bright color, the BTS fandom loses their sh*t because they totally did not expect the major change at all. Thanks to a mysterious new photo J-Hope just posted on Weverse, fans are asking, "Did BTS' Jungkook dye his hair blue?" It's hard to tell, but some fans think it's possible.

I swear, if this guy dyed his hair blue, we are all done for, because Jungkook keeps making changes to his appearance out of nowhere. If he keeps all these changes for BTS' comeback, fans can expect a Jungkook they've never ever seen before.

It all started on Aug. 11. At BTS' Lotte Duty Free family concert, Jungkook debuted his long, beautiful hair for the very first time and it left fans absolutely stunned because they've never seen his hair that long. That same day, Jungkook also showed off some new piercings. (He may have anywhere from seven to nine piercings at this point!)

Watch the clip below because it's everything.

Then, on Sept. 16, BTS came back from their extended break and were spotted at Incheon International Airport in Korea. The BTS fandom couldn't get over the fact that Jungkook's hair was even longer than before. As if that wasn't amazing enough, when Jungkook lifted his hand to move his hair out of his face, fans saw what appeared to be an "ARMY" tattoo on his fingers.

You can see Jungkook's ink at the 0:49 mark in the video below.

It's still unclear whether the tattoo is temporary or real, but I'm sure fans will find out soon enough.

Now, fans are wondering whether Jungkook went for another change in his appearance and decided to dye his hair blue. Why?

Well, on Monday, Oct. 7, J-Hope posted a photo of Jungkook to Weverse. The photo shows a member with a paper bag over his head, and although his face was totally covered, fans are pretty positive it's Jungkook because of the shirt he's wearing (which Jungkook wears regularly) and his muscular build. When fans zoomed into the photo real close, they thought they saw a sliver of blue hair peeking out of the bag's eye holes. (LOL, I'm not kidding.)

Whether it's true or not, the rumor spread pretty quickly through Twitter and now a lot of fans are imagining the possibility of Jungkook with blue hair.


Some fans have pointed out that a filter probably just gave Jungkook's black hair the appearance of being blue, but who knows. All I know is that if Jungkook's hair is blue, it will end us all, I tell you.

BTS is scheduled to perform a concert in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 11, so I guess everyone will find out whether the rumor is true or not then. I won't be prepared either way, because BTS is coming back, guys!