Demi Lovato Just Dyed Her Hair SLIME Green & Yes, She Can Totally Pull It Off

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As a passionate Demi Lovato stan, I can confidently say I'd stand by her no matter what color she chose to dye her hair, even if I really hated it. If it made her happy, it would be A-OK with me! That said, I don't have to pretend to like Demi Lovato's new green hair, because hi, it's incredible. Have you seen it? It's been a minute since the star has opted for a fantasy hair shade, but her slime green tips are most definitely one of my fave looks to date.

If you didn't know, Demi is back and better than ever, ready to live her best life and slay her haters. While she's had quite a few different hair colors over her years in the spotlight, she's kept her strands a raven black ever since her return to the 'Gram in November 2018, and while I love the shade on her, I'm definitely not mad that she decided to shake things up a bit for fall. Rather than ditch the dark hue altogether, Lovato decided to bleach her tips for a dip-dye 'do that really livened up her look. The color? Slime green, baby!

I know Lovato was a Disney star growing up, but we can all agree that this slime green shade is straight up Nickolodeon:

Demi Lovato/Instagram

"Incase some of you forgot — Yes! Green Hair," Lovato captioned a selfie on her Instagram Story, in which she showed off her fresh dye job. She also touched up her bob-length hairstyle with a fresh chop.

I'm living for this look. Also, is anyone else getting major Billie Eilish vibes?

Wow, side note, I would love to see these two collab on a song and star in a lime-green-haired music video. I guarantee they'd drop a banger!

Demi's dark strands are so striking, so while I love that she added a little color on the tips, I'm glad she didn't do anything too drastic:

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If you don't remember, when the star first hit the scene way back in 2008, she was also a brunette, but her natural strands were much lighter and more warm-toned:

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However, she went dark dark just a year later in 2009 — most likely to separate her rockstar persona from her Disney one — and she's returned to the shade every so often ever since:

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That said, slime green isn't her first fantasy shade. After going platinum blonde for a little while in 2012...

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...She ended up adding some pink tips, in what would become the first of multiple pink-haired moments for her:

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And then there was that stunning blue fade back in 2013. Honestly, this is one of my all-time fave looks for her — although the slime green gives it some real competition:

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When you're as gorgeous and wonderful as Demi, there are few looks you can't pull off. I stan a queen who isn't afraid to try a new 'do every once in a while, and I honestly think these slime tips are it for fall. Well done, Demi!