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The Week Of December 9 Will Be A Strange Time For These Signs


The last thing I want to do is dump bad news onto your lap. After all, sometimes hearing about impending negativity can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So before I tell you the zodiac signs that will have it bad the week of December 9, 2019, I want to get one thing straight: It's not that bad. Astrology is all about cycles and patterns, so if your sun or rising sign is in Taurus, Scorpio, or Capricorn and you're feeling the heavy weight of a strange time, know that it's only temporary and it'll be over before you know it.

There's a full moon on the loose, and this time it takes place in dramatic, gossipy, and wishy-washy Gemini. Taking place on Dec. 12, this full moon forms a square to hazy and disorienting Neptune, making it a highly emotional and potentially confusing time. The best way to get through it? Don't trust every thought that rushes through your head. Chances are, you're not considering all the right details, so leave the definitive judgments for later.

In the meantime, this full moon is here to show you where your heart lies. As loving Venus forms a conjunction to both committed Saturn on Dec. 11 and truth-telling Pluto by Dec. 15, you will feel pulled to get serious about your relationships. Empty promises and superficial dalliances just aren't going to cut it, so don't be afraid of building something beautiful, deep, and long lasting. Whether you're involved with someone, it's also a time for committing to a deeper love to yourself. You are worth the world and it's time you start treating yourself with all the kindness and respect you deserve.


Taurus: You Could Have Contributed To Your Own Instability

There's nothing you value more than feeling securely rooted in the earth. It stems from a desire for control over the outcomes in your life. But this week, you may find things are less cozy than they may seem. While you might feel inclined to blame others for the unsteady situation you may be in, it's important that you recognize your own involvement in the mess. Admitting your mistakes is the greatest gift you can give yourself, as it jump-starts the process of growth. However, remember that life is never 100 percent in your control.

Scorpio: You May Be Coming To Terms With The Passing Of Time

When you commit to something, you commit for the long haul. While this is one of your best qualities, it does have the downside of making you loyal to a fault. There's nothing wrong with growing apart or letting go of something that once meant a lot to you. Remember that your commitment to yourself is the first promise you ever made, and therefore, it's the most important one. Don't compromise your own growth for the sake of staying attached to the past. Transformation is always darkest just before the dawn.

Capricorn: You Might Be Experiencing Some Disorganization

You're currently running the risk of taking yourself a little too seriously. You may be feeling so much pressure to succeed and emerge victorious, but you could be thinking too far ahead. There are still so many baby steps that need to be taken before you can reap the rewards of your hard work. Don't take shortcuts or skip to the finish line, because nothing supports success more than a strong foundation. Let organization and discipline guide the way. Create a system that breaks apart your ideas into smaller sections. Process information little by little. A house of cards is more delicate than you realize.