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The Week Of December 30 Will Be Exciting AF For These 3 Zodiac Signs


What could be more exciting than entering the Roaring Twenties all over again? As 2019 becomes ancient history and you embrace the hope and excitement that comes with a brand-new year, it's time to get serious. You have the power to leave behind everything that no longer serves you as you move forward. Say goodbye to toxic relationships, bad habits, and self-doubt. Say hello to beautiful new people, personal growth, and a limitless supply of self love, because December 30, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

The cosmos are giving you a boost as you gather your bearings and charge into 2020. When Mercury — planet of communication and thought — forms a trine to unpredictable and forward-moving Uranus on Dec. 30, it's time to think about what's best for you. Do away with old attitudes and try something totally different. Try not to take life too seriously and remember that growth happens when you embrace change. On Jan. 2, Mercury will combine forces with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, giving you the positive mentality to meet new people, travel down new paths, and put faith in your dreams. Use this energy to build yourself up, learn about the world that surrounds you, and remember that the true beauty of life is gaining new experiences. New Year's resolutions have the tendency to make you feel like you constantly need to be winning something, but the New Year's resolution you should really be making is to be more present in your reality. If you're postponing your happiness until you accomplish X, Y, or Z, life will pass you by.


Taurus: You'll End Up Somewhere Beautiful And Unexpected

Now's the time to stay open to every possibility and opportunity that passes you by. Even if you're presented with something you always judged negatively or never thought you'd be doing, give it a try anyway. If you let the restrictions you've set for yourself prevent you from seeing fresh perspectives, you'll miss out on a chance to grow, learn, and experience something beautiful. If you're feeling stuck, this is just the shake-up you've been searching for. The answer lies in a place you never would have imagined.

Virgo: You'll Be Struck With A Brilliant And Creative Idea

You're riding a wave of creativity and tapping into your inner artist. Even if you never thought of yourself as an artist or someone who's keen on romance, it will permeate your world anyway. Remember that creativity can mean literally whatever you need it to mean. It can mean breaking out your paintbrushes as much as it can mean solving a math problem. Whatever gets you excited to express yourself or indulge in a good time, this is your chance to do it. You're seeing the world through a brilliant light, so lean into it.

Capricorn: You're Seeing Yourself In A Brand-New Light

You're feeling motivated to create new things, try something different, and embrace a side of yourself that you may have been hiding. Whether you're hiding it out of fear of the unknown or simply being unaware of all that you're capable of, it's time to break free. Put your needs first, embrace a deeper independence, and do what feels right for you. Even if it means letting go of a part of you that you once loved, it also means embracing endless possibilities for a future that is as bright as you make it.