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These Zodiac Signs May Feel A Bit Lost The Week Of December 16

Astrology is cyclical, which is as comforting as it is anxiety-inducing. As the planets make their way through the zodiac wheel, you are put through a series of trials. Sometimes these trials are incredibly rewarding, but other times, you're left feeling even more lost than you were before. Luckily, everything is temporary in astrology, so keep that in mind when I say December 16, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Cancer, and Libra.

You'd think that when the sun enters practical and determined Capricorn, the distractions get switched off and you automatically enter workaholic mode, right? Wrong. Even though Capricorn season begins on Dec. 21, the cosmos have plenty of confusion scheduled. Thinking may feel distorted, and conversations might make less sense when Mercury — planet of communication — squares off with hazy and delusional Neptune this week. This can take your thoughts into some dark and irrational places, so try to concentrate on what you know, without a shadow of a doubt, to be true. Placing your faith in fantasies will only land you in hot water, so do your best to not hurt your own feelings.

Your relationships will feel equally as unstable, especially when romantic forms a square with unpredictable Uranus. You or your crush might behave in a way that creates friction within the relationship. If you're feeling a desire for freedom or independence, think twice before you act. You don't want to screw up a relationship over a passing fancy. However, if it's time to set boundaries and go on your own, this energy might just give you the push you need.


Gemini: You've Entered A Period Of Release And Renewal

Take a deep breath, Gemini, because you may be faced with some difficult decisions. You're preparing for a bright and bustling future, but you can't take everything from your past with you on this journey. You already know you've outgrown commitments and relationships. Even though you may feel loyal to your memories, your loyalty to your own personal growth needs to be stronger. Release your grip on the past, because something better is coming and you need to make space for it.

Cancer: There May Be Stressful Shake-Ups In Your Love Life

You're opening your heart to deep love and it requires you to be vulnerable. However, vulnerability doesn't always land you with the desired results. This week, things you rely on for emotional stability may be taken from you, forcing you to rely on yourself instead. Even though you may feel betrayed, or that promises have been broken, it's important you recognize that, at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Luckily, you're strong enough to handle anything. You're simply being pushed to recognize the strength you already have.

Libra: You May Be Feeling Way More Sensitive To The World

If you feel like canceling plans, taking off your makeup, and hiding away from the world, know that there's nothing wrong with taking some time off. Nobody really cares whether you go to that party, and the world won't fall apart while you're gone. Instead, take some time to focus on your inner world. Redesign your living space, clean up the clutter, bake some cookies, and watch a move with your family. Disconnect with society if you have to, because true success begins with a solid home base. Reconnect with that base and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.