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David Dobrik Is Selling A Puzzle That Could Win You Up To $100,000

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Has your quarantine hobby been catching up on David Dobrik's YouTube videos or doing puzzles? If so, your mouth is going to drop when you get the scoop on David Dobrik's "The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle". In order to score some prize money, you need to purchase the puzzle and complete it, according to Insider.

Dobrik's puzzle challenge is a response to Dobrik's fans, who regularly comment on Dobrik's TikTok videos asking the social media star and member of the Vlog Squad for money. In a TikTok video announcing the puzzle contest, Dobrik recognized those comments and described how the product will work. How much you will win and how much time it'll take you to complete "The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle" will vary.

"It takes a long time. You don't even have a cheat sheet to do it," Dobrik says in the video. That's because each puzzle is unique. Once completed, each reveals a different QR code that you need to scan with your phone camera. These QR codes lead to different cash prizes ranging from $0.25 to $100,000. (Yes, $100,000.) It's up to you to figure out where the pieces go, form the green and black digital-looking box, and see what cash is in store for you.

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For those who win less than $30 — which Insider notes is very probable — the puzzle is more of a fun item to have than an opportunity to make money. The product itself costs $30, not including any shipping costs or additional taxes. However, if you're a diehard fan of Dobrik's, who often raves about his hilarious pranks and whimsical content, then you might be OK with simply owning the 500-piece puzzle that comes in an epic-looking box.

To add the item to your cart, simply head to the site for "The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle," and click the giant "Buy Now" button. This site is also where you can peruse FAQs and rules related to the cash prizes. It is super important to note that you must be 18+ to receive a cash prize, and the product can only ship to locations in the U.S. Each order is expected to ship the week of Jan. 25, 2021, and the prizes can be claimed via PayPal, Venmo, or one of the other processors on the site that shows up after scanning your QR code.

The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle

All puzzle sales are considered final, so there are no returns. Set aside a decent amount of time to complete yours, as the giveaway is set to end at 12 A.M. EST on Mar. 31, 2021. Let the challenge begin.

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