Here's How David Dobrik Is Staying Connected With The Vlog Squad During Quarantine

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Social distancing has become the new norm, and just like you, celebrities are still finding a way to navigate it. Thankfully, the digital age makes it a lot easier for people to stay connected. However, for one celebrity in particular, things have really changed. Creating videos has been challenging for YouTube fave David Dobrik since he started self-quarantining, specifically because he can't hang out with his crew. But you'll be happy to know David Dobrik is staying connected with the Vlog Squad during quarantine in the best way possible.

Dobrik has been gifting his 13.2 million followers with plenty of TikTok videos as of late, but when it comes to staying in actual contact with the Vlog Squad and his fans during quarantine, he's leaning on Facebook Messenger's new desktop app. The new app makes it easier for friends to keep in touch because it includes unlimited free group video calls and eliminates the hassle of having to fuss with tabs in your browser.

For Dobrik, the app has been a lifesaver. "I like it because I'm already posting stuff on Facebook, so a lot of my content is already on that platform," he tells Elite Daily. "I feel like it's just an easier place for me to be able to connect with people that are watching my videos. And all my friends are on Facebook so it's just a no-brainer to me getting on the group chat messenger there rather than another app."

Dobrik admits it's been a bit weird not being able to film his usual in-person shenanigans with the Vlog Squad, but he's made a point to chat it up with them via video chat.

"I think it was me, Zayn, Natalie, Carly, Jason, and Scott. It was really fun, it made us feel like we were having a business meeting. It was kind of cool. It's nice to have all of us connect because we're literally not doing anything," he shares. "It's nice to finally have a human interaction because we see each other every day, and it's been a nice change of pace to hear from everybody. I feel like it's been five years of non-stop hanging out and I just came to them and was like 'OMG, where is everybody?'"

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In addition to keeping in touch with the Vlog Squad, Dobrik says it's important for him to stay connected to his fans. "Now more than ever, I'm not really connecting with my audience, really at all. I'm making stories here and there, I'm still posting videos on Facebook, but I feel like it's been tough to record stuff," Dobrik admits. "I wanted to use Messenger just to interact with other people that watch my stuff while we're all stuck at home."

That's why Dobrik will host a 30-minute virtual hang sesh using Messenger for desktop with six lucky fans on Friday, April 3. All you have to do to be in the running is comment on Dobrik's Facebook post below and download the Messenger app.

It may not be the same as the wild in-person meet and greets Dobrik is known for, but it sure is a close second.

You can download Facebook Messenger now by heading to www.messenger.com/desktop.

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