The Struggle & Snuggle Are Real: 7 Things You Relate To If You Date A Light Sleeper

Snuggle up! It's time to hit the hay. Well, kind of — all the blankets are in the right spots, and you're feeling as cozy as ever. Especially after a long day, you've set your sights on sweet dreams, but your significant other just doesn't have such a passionate relationship with their pillow. You'll wake them up if you pull the covers just a slight bit to your side, and don't even think about scrolling through your phone before bed. There are some struggles you can relate to if you're dating a light sleeper, and can't seem to catch all of those Z's.

A solid eight hours or even more a night would be sweet, but bae is just seemingly so against it. They toss and they turn, and maybe get up in the middle of the night. You've come to know what midnight looks like, now that you're wide awake, too. Tomorrow will definitely call for an extra cup of coffee. Can we date caffeine?

Let's be real. You love your partner, and snuggling up with them after a stressful day at work makes life a little easier. Even your afternoon naps have gotten a serious upgrade since you started dating and landed the cutest cuddle buddy. If only you could actually get some sleep, though. These seven things, in particular, you understand all too well. You're snuggling and struggling.

You Can't Move A Muscle

Seriously, don't even think about adjusting your sleeping position. If your arm is asleep more than your mind, well, that's too bad because moving even a muscle will somehow wake up bae. So, you stay a bit stiff and try to wiggle around a bit in slow motion.

You've figured out which spots are extra comfy and make sure to get the blankets in order before settling in for the night. The worst is when you have to go to the bathroom. In those moments, your significant other just has to deal.

Midnight Snacks Aren't Really An Option

Seeing your significant other so snuggled up is such a nice sight, but you are craving Oreos. Now, you have to make a serious choice: get yourself some food or let your love stay cozy and asleep. Getting out of bed would mean completely wrecking the blanket situation, but staying hungry wouldn't mean you'd be wide awake for hours.

Maybe bae is in the mood for a midnight snack, too? You can only cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Screens Are Probably A No-Go

At home, you'd fall asleep with the television on, or maybe scroll through social media for a while before going to bed. But, having sleepovers with your significant other who's a light sleeper means leaving all of those habits behind. Any light or noise would wake them up for sure, and you already know you'd be laughing at every single sarcastic moment on Friends.

So, you settle on watching sitcoms a little earlier, and then switch everything off when it's time to hit the hay. Honestly, it's probably better for your brain anyway to do some disconnecting. You'd be hours deep into YouTube videos before you realized it was 2 a.m. and were cutting your sleep cycle seriously short.

Napping Is Your New Favorite Activity

Your bed has become the side chick you see in the afternoon. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that napping shouldn't just be for kindergarteners. You and your significant other may have figured out a good routine at night nowadays, but a good nap will never go out of style. Sometimes you just need to catch some extra Z's, and you bought those blackout curtains for a reason.

Coffee Is Your Best Friend

Next to napping, coffee has become your best friend. You're not sure if it was the real world or your relationship that got you hooked on caramel macchiatos, but here you are, anyway. Truth is, sometimes you're sound asleep and dreaming the sweetest dreams, and then you get a shoulder in your side because they got woken up and are trying to snuggle up again. In those moments, you start to think about your morning brew. Waking up for work on Mondays is already such a struggle, but coffee will keep you going through all of those meetings. Thank goodness.

If You Snore, It's Game Over

Nothing wakes your significant other up like some snoring. Maybe it's allergy season, or you just can't help it, but dating a light sleeper has been a serious struggle, because neither of you can quite get comfy. You've tried just about everything, from getting a dehumidifier, to sleeping on your side. But, nothing has quite worked. As soon as you fall asleep, they're nudging you to turn over or be a bit quieter.

You Still Have Sleepovers, Though

Snuggle will always beat the struggle. So, despite everything you deal with dating with a light sleepover, you still have sleepovers. You could probably come up with a thousand different solutions — maybe sleep in a bigger bed, or find a compromise with the television. You love bae too much, so you just cuddle up in the blankets and hope for the best.

If you're both up all night, you'll just be tired tomorrow together. That gives you an excuse to check out that cute coffee shop down the street, or hit snooze one time before truly getting up.