Daddy Yankee's Instagram about BTS dancing to "Con Calma" has fans hoping they'll meet in the studio...

ARMYs Are Rooting For A BTS x Daddy Yankee Collab For The Best Reason Ever

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Ever since BTS revealed they're working on their next album, fans have been eager to know the details surrounding it, like whether or not it will feature any collaborations. While BTS may have a few surprises up their sleeves, fans are hoping they'll team up with Daddy Yankee next all thanks to their recent social media interactions with him. After Jimin, Jin, and Suga filmed a livestream dancing to "Con Calma" during a Just Dance gaming session, the reggaetón singer gave their performance his stamp of approval through the sweetest post. Daddy Yankee's Instagram about BTS dancing to "Con Calma" has fans hoping they'll meet in the studio one day.

The whole interaction began on Monday, April 27, when Jimin, Jin, and Suga livestreamed themselves playing the popular game Just Dance. They performed a variety of hits, like Pharrell Williams' "Happy," Camila Cabello's "Havana," and Boney M's "Rasputin," but it was their dance cover of Daddy Yankee and Snow's "Con Calma" that had fans talking the most.

Fans loved seeing the trio dance their hearts out to the song and dreamed of a collaboration between BTS and Daddy Yankee. Since BTS is passionate about music transcending language, fans thought it would be iconic for the pair to come up with a trilingual song featuring Korean, English, and Spanish lyrics.

BTS' J-Hope previously released a remix of "Chicken Noodle Soup" with Becky G that included all three languages, so ARMYs see the collaboration as a total possibility.

In an April 17 livestream, RM announced the group was working on their next album, so it only made ARMYs wish for the collaboration even more.

What sent ARMYs over the moon, however, was Daddy Yankee's response to BTS' "Con Calma" video. Hours after Jimin, Jin, and Suga's livestream, the singer went on Instagram to thank the guys for the shoutout. "OMG!! 🤩🤩 Part of the K-pop group @bts.bighitofficial dancing #ConCalma in a live they did 😱 wow incredible!! I love it," Daddy Yankee wrote.

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Daddy Yankee has previously made the ARMY aware he's a big fan of BTS, so their latest interaction has fans crossing their fingers they'll meet one day and make this collaboration dream come true.

BTS and Daddy Yankee are both friends with Steve Aoki and Becky G, so maybe one of them can connect the pair and make this collab happen for real.