A stylish girl poses for a colorful Instagram picture in orange sunglasses while on a trip.

Contiki's Top Destinations For 2020 Are Made For Your Bucket List & Insta


Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about your trips for next year. It's time to pull out your laptop, credit card, and planner, and check out the adventures that await around the world. Where will you go? Will you take a vacation to one of Contiki's top destinations for 2020? If you want to check items off your bucket list and take pictures for Instagram, then you're likely saying, "Sign me up."

Grab your suitcase that's been chilling in the back of your closet, and your passport that's loaded with stamps. Clear your camera roll on your phone or purchase another storage card for your DSLR. When you're in a dreamy spot like a white, sandy beach in Greece or the top of a mountain in New Zealand, you'll want to document it. You'll want to capture the feeling of twirling your dress in front a European castle, or taking the first bite of a burger made with local ingredients in the Pacific Northwest.

You'll want to take pictures in as many of the top destinations for 2020 as possible. Even if it requires hopping on one flight to the next, you may want to travel the world in the new year and make it your resolution to see, eat, and do everything.


According to a poll conducted by social travel company, Contiki, there are 10 spots you need to stop in because they're Instagram and bucket list-worthy. These spots include Greece, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Croatia, England, Japan, the Pacific Northwest, Namibia, and Iceland. They're the kind of places that'll treat you and your travel buds to incredible architecture, unique excursions, and otherworldly #views.

According to press materials from Contiki, the company discovered these were the popular destinations for the new year by polling their 320,000 Instagram followers. The targeted group responded with these 10 destinations. They ultimately revealed that some cities and countries are consistently on travelers' bucket lists, like Greece and Spain, while others are gaining popularity, like Namibia.


Of course, traveling to any one of these destinations isn't as simple as grabbing your passport and suitcase, though. Like any other trip, they require some planning, which is why it's so essential that you look into these destinations and what you want to add to your itinerary.

For example, in Italy, you should decide whether you want to scope out the artsy bridges in Venice or go on a walking tour in Rome followed by an afternoon at a nearby winery. You might want to book a Contiki trip that tours around Italy, so you can experience Florence with your BFFs and take a photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, too. In a hotspot like Iceland, you may want to explore the Blue Lagoon and glaciers while on a six-day trip through Reykjavik, Skaftafell, Selfoss, and Vik.

Whatever you decide, it'll likely be an adventure of you'll never forget. From beginning to end, it'll be Instagram-worthy and remind you to always add to (and check things off) your bucket list.