You Can Go On A Safari & Chill With Giraffes For Cheap On This Epic Trip

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On most days, you may wake up with a soul filled with wanderlust. You look around your room at the photographs you've hung up from the various trips you've taken around the world and think, "Where to next?" Truth is, there are a ton of experiences you haven't had yet, according to the influencers on Instagram and your always-growing bucket list. But, your bank account is begging you to hold off on visiting those dreamy destinations and pay your rent bill instead. Here's the 411: Contiki's East Africa Safari lets you chill with giraffes and explore a new destination for cheap.

I promise you're not dreaming, even though this trip may seem pretty unbelievable at first. I mean, it lets you and your travel buds lace up your favorite hiking boots, hop in an open-top vehicle, and see elephants and other wildlife in their natural habitat. It allows you to make memories underneath a sky full of star and fall in love with life while sitting next to a glowing campfire. Most notably, it brings you through all national parks and treats you to sights and sounds you can't get anywhere else at a discounted price.

What more could you ask for? It beats me. That's why I think you need to take a closer look at the itinerary for this epic trip and the others that Contiki is offering in Africa. Chilling with the giraffes and following your wanderlust just got so affordable.

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First things first: Let me introduce you to Contiki's Africa trips you should book because they're totally in your price range. They each offer their own itinerary and will give you out-of-this world moments you can talk about for years and years to come. They also give you prime access to seeing giraffes up close.

The first of these trips is the East Africa Safari. It brings you to nine different locations, including Nairobi, Serengeti, the ancient volcano, Ngorogoro Crater, and more. For 12 days, you'll stay in luxury campsites, be transported from one magical place to the next, take a hot air balloon ride, and be provided with meals. It may seem a little expensive up front — the trip package costs $4,035 in total — but Contiki gives you the option to finance the trip from $360 per month.

The second of these trips is called Kenyan Highlights. It's made up of seven days of exploring and adventuring through national parks. It's a great way to see the continent and have an authentic experience with a small group of people aged between 18 and 35. During this trip, you'll be able to see wildlife right near your safari vehicle in Masai Mara and on your way from Lake Elementaita to Amboseli. Believe it or not, the whole trip only costs $1,759 in total, with the option to finance from $157 per month.

In addition, Contiki just released new destinations and trips that you can be part of, including Namibia and Botswana. You may want to look into these experiences on their site, especially if staying in a treehouse hotel or going glamping sounds picture-perfect to you. To reserve your spot on any of these African adventures, head to Contiki, choose your departure dates, and follow the instructions at check-out. You won't regret hitting the "Book Trip" button. Trust me.


So, what exactly can you expect from these epic Contiki trips? If you take a closer look at the itineraries, you'll notice that going to the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi is a hot item on the list. On both the East Africa Safari and Kenyan Highlights trip, you'll get the chance to take selfies with the tall and magnificent animals that walk the Earth, and learn more about how the center is helping to protect them.

You'll be able to give the giraffes a snack and watch their purple tongues reach out to you, and check out an elephant orphanage sanctuary, too. You'll be able to see where the baby elephants get rehabilitated and released back into the wild. (TBH, I may need a box of tissues just thinking about it.)

You'll also be able to tour villages, eat buffet-style meals, and learn some of the local language. Spoiler alert: "jambo" means "hello," and "asante-sana" means "thank you very much."

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When all is said and done, there are many ways you can save money on travel. You can book trips — like these tours via Contiki — that already give you access to jam-packed itineraries at a discounted price, or you can download some of the best travel apps on your phone.

My personal favorite tips and tricks are to save cash and coins in a jar over time and not dip into it until the day you're supposed to depart, as well as finding accommodations that are safe and affordable. That way, you can wake up with a grateful heart and think, "Been there, done that," and know that you didn't break the bank doing it.

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