Here's Why Colton Is Convinced Peter Will Be The Next Bachelor

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images, ABC/Ed Herrera

Colton Underwood knows a thing or two about what it takes to be the Bachelor. His season helming the franchise's flagship show is pretty memorable, thanks in no small part to his now-infamous fence jump and decision to simply date instead of propose to his season's winner, Cassie Randolph. Now that he is happily living his post-show life with Randolph, Colton Underwood thinks Peter will be the next Bachelor, and he gives Elite Daily the deets on why.

At an event for MorningStar Farms' "Lose Your Veginity" event in New York, Underwood takes a break from speaking about his and Randolph's new plant-based diet to dish about the goings-on of Bachelor Nation. While he remains cagey about his own future plans, he does not hold back when talking about who he thinks will take his place in the Bachelor mansion for the upcoming season.

"I really, really like Peter," he says without hesitation, clearly talking about Peter Weber from Hannah Brown's recent Bachelorette season. "I think that he has a lot of qualities that are needed to be the Bachelor. I think that he probably wants it probably the most, too."

Pilot Pete has long been a frontrunner to be the next Bachelor. Even before he was sent home from The Bachelorette, fans were already throwing his name into the hat to be the next leading man. Then, following his tearful elimination and the revelation that he and Brown had sex in that Greek windmill a whopping four times, even more viewers hopped on board the #PeterForBachelor train — or rather, airplane.

According to Underwood, Weber has what it takes to be the next Bachelor. "I think he’d be good TV," the former Bachelor says, adding, "I would toss my hat in for Peter. Team Pilot Pete."

OK, so, we're putting another tally in Weber's column, but he's not the only one people want to see find love on the screen. Another contestant from Brown's season, Mike Johnson, has also made a big impression on fans, and many are still hoping to see him step into the leading man role next. In addition to viewers falling in love with Johnson's million-watt smile and supportive personality, many are hoping he will break barriers as the first black Bachelor, a development that has been a long time coming for the franchise.

Another potential Bachelor candidate is Derek Peth, a franchise regular and original Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 cast member. After having a strong connection with fellow Paradise star Demi Burnett earlier in the season, Peth became even more of a fan-favorite for the way he handled Demi's coming out as queer and subsequently choosing to pursue a relationship with her girlfriend Kristian over him.

For what it's worth, despite the very strong cases for both Johnson and Peth, it sounds like Weber is still the frontrunner for the Bachelor role. As an insider reportedly told E! News, "Pete was always the first pick but producers wanted to see how Paradise went with Mike. They love him but aren't sure if he is ready to carry a whole show." And as for Peth, it might be to little too late for the jilted Paradise contestant; if the Bachelor powers-that-be want Weber, they're probably going to be able to get Weber. In fact, I wonder if Underwood's Bachelor preference is really just a preference, or maybe he knows something about the show's casting decisions that fans don't.