Bachelor Nation Is Already Rooting For Mike To Be The Next Leading Man

ABC/John Fleenor

Hannah's season of The Bachelorette is only just getting started, but there's already a frontrunner among her guys for next season's Bachelor. After Week 3, fans all across Bachelor Nation couldn't stop talking about how smitten they are with contestant Mike. In fact, a lot of fans aren't even rooting for him to win, but instead are hoping that he'll get to lead his own season. Will Mike be the next Bachelor? If Bachelor fans have their way, he will be.

Last week's episode was filled with drama thanks to the particularly pushy actions of of Cam and Luke P. Much of the episode was devoted to watching both guys interrupt Hannah's one-on-one time with other men and demand her attention. It didn't work out so well for either of them: Cam was sent home and Hannah told Luke P. she better change his ways if he's in it for the long haul. But, while Hannah was defending herself against overly aggressive dudes, there was one very bright ray of sunshine in the episode: Mike. Mike officially won the hearts of Bachelor Nation when he opened up to Hannah and showed his vulnerable side. After attending a group date where the guys learned about pregnancy and parenting, Mike took Hannah to the side to tell her about a traumatic experience from a previous relationship. He explained that he and an ex-partner were expecting a child, but lost the baby during the second trimester of pregnancy. It was a really personal moment that showed off Mike's sensitive side, but it's just one of the reasons fans are on Team Mike.

During Week 2, one of the group dates was a Mr. Right competition, which had a bunch of the guys participating in a full beauty pageant complete with a talent portion. While a lot of guys stretched the definition of "talent," Mike took the task seriously. He flaunted down the runway in a pair of high heels and told Hannah that he wants to know what it's like to walk in her shoes. That level of empathy makes Mike such a dreamboat, and it has fans on Twitter rooting Mike to be the next Bachelor.

Mike has an impressive resume, which totally makes him perfect Bachelor material. According to his ABC bio, he's a portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas, and before that he served in the Air Force. He's also been to 30 countries, which means that he'd be fully prepared for all the traveling required of the Bachelor. He also has a super-positive attitude, which fans can see in full action on his Instagram account. A lot of his Instagram posts have inspirational captions, like the one below:

The caption on this post reads: "Concentrate on your dreams & inspire others around you to follow suit!" That kind of motivational energy would make Mike a Bachelor everyone can either look up to or pine for, so it makes sense that fans are already hoping to see more of him.

Season 15 of The Bachelorette continues on Monday, June 3 at 8 P.M. ET on ABC.