Here's Why Clare & Dale's Makeout Body Language Is Complicated

by Candice Jalili

Pretty much every fan of The Bachelorette has seen first-hand that they're majorly into each other. But what does Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' makeout body language really say about their connection? After having examined their multiple make-out sessions throughout the extremely sexy Oct. 27 episode, Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence has some thoughts. Namely, these two legit cannot keep their hands off of each other.

The first thing Brown points out is that, even though Crawley is technically the one in charge of her season (and his fate on the show), Moss seems to take more control during their encounters. During the group date, he initiated speaking with Crawley, and as she showed him around her suite, he physically exerted dominance by resting his hand on her ceiling.

"He's owning the place again," Brown notes, alluding to some other potentially controlling behaviors Moss has exhibited in the past. "Who leans on the ceiling?"

The pair moved to her bedroom, where they had a steamy makeout session. Brown says their chemistry was likely as sexy as it seemed. "They're wrapped around each other on the bed," she says. "No real explanation needed here!"


Moss and Crawley were ultimately interrupted by other contestants, but they found their way back to each other later that night, kissing in the living room of her suite. "The overall feel is that he's really into her and won't let her get away," Brown observes. "See how she's backed up against the wall? No escape!"

When Chasen Nick interrupted their private moment, Crawley and Moss (hilariously) attempted to act casual. While they might have stopped locking lips, their body language gives away their true feelings. "He's showing that he owns the place with his elbow and forearm on the wall like that," Brown says. Sure enough, Moss admitted in the episode that he feels "better suited" to Crawley than any of the other guys in the house.


So, yes. He's in control. But Crawley is down, which Brown says can be seen whenever they hold hands. "They do have their fingers interlocked when they're holding hands," she says. "That means they're super into one another."

To be fair, Crawley and Moss have had great chemistry since day one. Not only did Crawley legit say that she thinks she met her "future husband" upon having met him, but their body language confirmed there were some major fireworks going off. "I get that she's being genuine here," Brown said as she examined Crawley's connection with Moss when he first got out of the limo. "It's pretty hard to shake like that unless it's real."

Live footage of her shaking here, in case you missed it:

Things only heated up in the second episode. Anyone with eyeballs could tell Crawley and Moss were feeling each other during the physical touch portion of the love languages date, but Brown's read only confirmed their connection was intense. "Wow, isn't this intimate?!" Brown exclaimed after having seen Moss caressing Crawley. "See how close their private areas are together? That's how you know people are romantic."

Uh, I guess there's nothing left to say here, but bow chicka wow wow.