Ciate's Jessica Rabbit Collection Is Coming To Help You Channel Your Original Makeup Muse

I don't know about you, but when I really want new makeup and I can't justify buying it, there's nothing like a new collection or special theme to make me justify a new powder of palette. Something about limited-edition packaging or new shades seems far more worth my hard-earned coin, and this week, it's the Ciaté London Jessica Rabbit Collection that's got me itching to spend. Jessica Rabbit is a childhood icon that's still pretty damn cool even now, in the eyes of this 23-year-old, and it's about damn time I had some makeup with her name on it. Finally.

In case you don't recall — or, like most people, were far more concerned with the plot of the movie than her makeup — cartoon Ms. Rabbit served some sultry glam in her claim-to-fame role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? back in 1988. Yes, the Disney princesses always rocked a cute soft glam moment, and of course, no one can deny that Ursula was the most fierce, beauty-savy cartoon of all, but Jessica Rabbit undoubtedly holds second place, and her look is also quite a bit more wearable than the sea witch's own glam. The bunny broke hearts with a purple eye look, red lips, and an overall sultry glow, and TBH, it's no wonder she's become such an icon. Her whole look is a huge mood.

Thank goodness Ciaté understood the need for a Jessica Rabbit-themed collection, because as far as I'm concerned, this was a major hole in the market:

And of course, in true Ciaté fashion, the products look gorgeous. The small collection consists of a 9-pan eyeshadow palette, a dreamy highlighter, and a very Jessica-esque red lipstick, all with her face coating the packaging, plus some sparkle for good measure.

I need an invite to a costume party ASAP, because y'all know who I'm going as:

Catch me whipping up this Jessica Rabbit look as soon as humanly (Cartoonly?) possible:

Those cheekbones! The Glow-To highlighter is a champagne powder that pops, honey, so don't apply it unless you want to be the center of attention. The eyeshadow palette palette is ideal for anyone wanting Jessica's signature purple lewk, and only the center trio of shades have the purply tones, so fans of the vibe but not the hue can still create a copper or bronzy look that's just as fierce.

My favorite part has to be this lip, TBH:

I always knew Jessica Rabbit's lipstick was sparkly, even if it was hard to see given that she's a cartoon and it was all drawn up. The lipstick is Ciaté's Glitter Storm formula ($22, and the shade is a pigmented, juicy red with flecks of shimmer that make for a glitzy, superstar look.

She might've been drawn bad, but her makeup was drawn exactly right:

If you want to channel these vibes and perfect your purple eye look, you can snag the entire Jessica Rabbit Collection when it drops on Tuesday, March 5 online at Sephora.