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This Woman Turning Herself Into Jessica Rabbit Is Seriously Mesmerizing

Makeup artist Nikki French has wowed her nearly 300,000 Instagram followers with makeup transformations before.

This look, however, may be the one to top them all.

In just 29 seconds, she goes from a regular human beauty to a fully done-up Jessica Rabbit lookalike. That's no time at all considering Heidi Klum spent nine hours transforming herself into the buxom cartoon character.

About 12,000 people have liked the video so far, which tells you there are lots of beauty fanatics out there looking to take style inspiration from the red-haired icon.

The key, it seems, is to first get rid of your eyebrows entirely. To look like a cartoon, your natural brows need to disappear so you can draw some new ones about halfway up your forehead.

Also, red hair is a must. But unless you want to dye your real locks that deep cherry color, you're looking at spending up to $1,100 on a decent wig.

And don't be afraid to draw outside the lines when it comes to filling in your lips. Nothing says "cartoon" like lips that are three times their normal size.

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