Ciara Just Rocked The Most Amazing Platinum Blonde Wig & Her Stylist Spilled All The Deets

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I'm just being honest when I say that there are few celebs — nay, few people, period — that can pull off virtually every hairstyle and color. Some people just suit one particular shade or style, and although everyone has the freedom to experiment, not everyone will look good with long, black hair one day, and short, blonde hair the next! Unless, of course, you're Ciara, as proven by Ciara's new blonde hair. The star recently went short and has been rocking one of the best pixie cuts I've ever seen, but this week she decided to take it a step further, and made her strands a bold platinum blonde. Ciara, you can do no wrong in my book!

Given that Ciara has been in the biz for ages now, she knows a thing or two about changing up her look. Whether her hair is super cropped or she's opted for lengthy extensions, she always looks fierce, and her new, light locks are no exception. Oftentimes, when a celeb makes a hair change, they'll opt for a wig instead of actual bleach, in order to avoid serious damage. This time around, Ciara did just that, and Wild Form founder and hairstylist César DeLeön Ramirêz really hooked it up.

ICYMI, Ciara has been living her best life with short strands for quite a while now:

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However, she does change it up on occasion. The Met Gala is the perfect example, seeing as this hairdo was everything and more:

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And on a more low-key note, she does opt for other wigs and extensions to shake up her look every now and then:

All that said, you'll notice all three of the above looks are brunette, so when I saw this, I was totally shook:

The above photo, posted by César DeLeön Ramirêz, shows Ciara as a rooted platinum blonde whilst filming her music video for "SET", and oh my gosh, I couldn't be more about it. Go off, girl! Ramirêz tagged haircare brand UNITE Hair in his post, and hashtagged their blonde-specific products, some of which I also use to maintain my balayage, not that you asked.

The Blonda Fix ($32,, a key player in the brand's overall Blonda range, was one of the products hashtagged in Ramirêz's post:

This little baby is a must-have for anyone looking to avoid brassy blonde. Think of it as a leave-in conditioning treatment that softens and strengthens while it tones; I can personally attest that my hair looks bomb when I use this, and considering Ciara's hair always looks bomb, I can assume the same for her. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are also UNITE fans, so if you're looking for a celeb-level blonde, add their Blonda products to cart ASAP.

According to PopSugar, Ramirêz also used UNITE's 7Seconds Detangler ($30, to style the wig:

And based off of these stills from her music video for "SET," it's clear Ramirêz and Ciara both nailed the look. Ciara, sweetie, you're doing amazing:


Like I said, the girl can pull off virtually any hairstyle or color. I rest my case.