You Can Get Free Chuck E. Cheese's Valentine's Day Delivery With DoorDash For A Nostalgic Bite

Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese's

Aside from free parking, rainy summer nights, and — of course — puppies, one of the earth's greatest gifts has to be the joy that is food delivery. It's super convenient, it completely resolves the issue of meal preparation, and most importantly, it allows you to have all the greatest dinner dates from the comfort of your own couch. And luckily, coming in clutch for the most romantic day of the year is Chuck E. Cheese's Valentine's Day 2019 deal, if you're looking refuel with the nostalgic pizza from your childhood.

The hardest part of ordering food to your house or apartment is deciding on where you want to order from. Living in the city, for example, there are so many different cuisines and restaurants, so selecting just one is nearly impossible. But if you're planning to order in a slice or pie this Valentine's Day, look no further than Chuck E. Cheese's. The entertainment center and restaurant is offering free delivery and a goody bag for customers that order through the online food delivery service, DoorDash. *Cheers.* According to Chuck E. Cheese's, there will be no promotional code required, and the free gift will only be offered at participating locations. Either way, though, I am so dang excited. Free delivery never tasted better.

This tantalizing free delivery and goody bag promotion is not solely in celebration of Valentine's Day (albeit, the timing is quite convenient). In fact, it separately celebrates the new partnership between the popular restaurant you've probably come to know and love by now (but probably enjoy way less often than you did when grade school birthday parties were the main engagements on your calendar) and DoorDash, according to Chuck E. Cheese's. That's right — the two companies have officially united to become one cheesy and delicious on-the-go powerhouse, so Chuck E. Cheese's meals will now be available on DoorDash for delivery nationwide. It basically goes without saying that I will be ordering in pretty frequently from now on, even sans the glorious promo.

Obviously, the free delivery is reason enough to order in this throwback 'za, but you might also be wondering what's in that free goody bag? Well, as you might assume, it's geared toward a younger audience, but heck, I wouldn't turn down a free set of games, toys, and candy. And don't forget, that's already on top of free delivery. Plus, Valentine's Day is known for grown adults oftentimes gifting teddy bears to one another, so I don't think it's so out there to enjoy this free goody bag.

Courtesy of Chuck E. Cheese's

If you find yourself craving fried chicken over pizza on V-Day, on the other hand, Popeyes' 2 Can Dine deal is going to offer diners five pieces of the chain's signature crispy fried chicken, along with two regular sides, and (most importantly) two flaky, delectable buttermilk biscuits. And altogether, it'll only cost you a tenner. Yes, you heard that correctly, and lucky for you, the special discount will be available at Popeyes locations nationwide starting on Valentine's Day. It will only continue for a "limited time," though, so make sure to get your hands on it as soon as you possibly can, even if that means ordering a fried chicken dessert on Valentine's Day.

There are so many delicious options to choose from to make your at-home dinner date special this Valentine's Day, but if you find yourself craving carbs, cheese, and more cheese, ordering Chuck E. Cheese's via DoorDash is seriously where it's at. Very few things in life say "romance" like free delivery and a goodie bag, if you ask me, so definitely enjoy that slice and delivery discount before you get back you that heart-shaped box of chocolates.