Chrissy Teigen steps out with husband John Legend.

Chrissy Opened Up About The Emotional Toll Of Losing Baby Jack On His Due Date

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In October 2020, Chrissy Teigen shared the devastating news she had suffered a pregnancy loss. She and her husband, John Legend, had been incredibly open with fans about their journey toward being parents of three, which made it all the more heartbreaking when Teigen lost the baby due to partial placenta abruption. Teigen shared the news with fans in a vulnerable Instagram post, explaining she had already named the baby Jack, and he would always be part of their family. Now, Chrissy Teigen's tweets about her pregnancy loss on Jack's due date continue to keep it real with fans.

Teigen has always treated her Twitter feed more like a diary, and fans can expect to see a lot of insight into her personal life on her page. On Feb. 3, she got more personal than ever.

"My little jack would have been born this week so I'm a bit off," she admitted. "I truly feel kicks in my belly, but it's not phantom. I have surgery for endometriosis tomorrow...but the period feeling this month is exactly like baby kicks. sigh."

She followed up with a second tweet about the stomach spasms she's been experiencing that feel like Baby Jack kicking. "I’ll pretend it’s him saying hi - it never stops," she wrote.

You can see Teigen's tweets from Jack's due date below.

The tweets arrived six weeks after Teigen opened up about her lingering baby bump, and how it's a painful reminder of her loss.

"This is me and my body, just yesterday. Even though I’m no longer pregnant, every glance in the mirror reminds me of what could have been," she captioned a Dec. 23 Instagram post. "And I have no idea why i still have this bump, honestly. It’s frustrating. But I’m proud of where this entire journey took my body and mind in other ways. I love being pregnant, so so much, and I’m sad I never will be again. But I am lucky to have two amazing little ones who are transforming into big little people more and more every single day."

Teigen also penned an open letter for Medium in which she detailed her pregnancy loss and how she's coping. She also used the article to say she will never apologize for sharing photos of her most emotional moments, including a pic of the exact moment she lost the baby.

Teigen's words about her pregnancy loss are emotional, but her soul-baring social media posts are why the internet loves her.