Chrissy Teigen Keeps Trolling John Legend For Looking Like Arthur & It's Amazing

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Only Chrissy Teigen could make trolling so amazing. There's been an ongoing joke about John Legend's eerie similarity to a certain cartoon character, and no one loves to talk about it more than the new mom herself. Well, Chrissy Teigen trolled John Legend about Arthur again, and honestly it might be her best post yet.

On June 24, Teigen took to Instagram to share a photo of everyone's favorite animated aardvark, Arthur, but with a slight twist. Instead of his classic appearance, this particular photo of Arthur holds quite a bit more similarities to John Legend, including his face and head of hair. The image is courtesy of Deen Ally Designs, and although it truly is a mic-drop on its own, Teigen decided to caption the post with the Arthur theme song lyrics just to take this expert trolling truly to the next level. John Legend-0; Chrissy Teigen-100,000.

Is it just me, or is this Arthur-John Legend joke becoming more and more hilarious? The internet first spotted the similarities between the two icons in 2017, but it was February 2017 that Teigen actually addressed the topic head on via Twitter.

Is there such a thing as a social media MVP award? If so I think Teigen is way overdue. If not, I think someone needs to work on that ASAP.

Clearly Teigen is a huge fan of this ongoing internet meme, and who can blame her? I don't think anyone thought the similarities between a cartoon aardvark and a Grammy winning singer would be this uncanny? Luckily for all of us, Legend is a great sport when facing these continuous jabs. Just three days ago, Teigen threw some hilariously subtle Arthur-related shade at Legend via Instagram by posting a photo of their daughter Luna holding Teigen's childhood Arthur doll.

She wrote,

This is my childhood Arthur doll. My mom has kept it all this time. Maybe I've been attracted to Arthur my whole life and now I found my real life human one.

I don't know about y'all, but that comment had me on the floor. Well, Legend truly had the perfect response to such a hilarious post by simply commenting "wow" below the photo. Honestly, does anything else need to be said?

It's nice to see that the couple can balance work and play on a daily basis. On May 17, Teigen announced on Twitter that she had given birth to their second child, baby boy Miles Stephens. Balancing two babies plus bustling careers can't be easy for the couple, but judging from the Instagrams and sweet photos, I think it's safe to say that these two are absolutely loving parenthood. The babies might not resemble any famous cartoon characters like their dad, but apparently the brother and sister "have the same nose," according to Teigen. Ugh, my heart can't handle it.

Even though her Arthur jokes might be worthy of a gold medal, that isn't the only way Teigen trolls Legend. On May 20, during the Billboard Music Awards, Teigen took to Twitter to post a photo of her husband on the Billboard red carpet, along with a photo of newborn Miles. Of course, in natural Chrissy Teigen fashion, she just had to supply a witty one-liner that is a hilarious jab at Legend.

Chrissy Teigen: mom, model, chef, and expert Internet troll.

I, for one, hope these Arthur jokes never stop, especially since they just seem to get more brilliant every time. Not only does she supply the perfect commentary, but now she's actually getting custom artwork involved. This is pure dedication to trolling, and I think all of us have to admit that it's low-key inspiring.

Never stop doing you Chrissy.