Chrissy Teigen Cooking Shows Are Coming To Hulu To Change The Way You Look At Food Forever

by Jamie LeeLo
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I am so honored to deliver the news I know you've been waiting for. Chrissy Teigen cooking shows are coming to Hulu!!! Release the doves! I'm feeling equal parts like, "Wait, how was this not already a thing?" and "Where has this been all my life?" Sure, sure, Teigen might have busted into Hollywood as a model, but she has since evolved into a philanthropic cookbook author, TV host, and celebrity of the people — the perfect human representative to give up to aliens if they invade us. With the exception of her interactions with Kim Kardashian on Twitter, there is nothing Teigen does that I love more than post cooking videos and soon I'll be able to tune in whenever I damn well please.

Teigen has written two cookbooks since 2016 aptly titled Cravings and Hungry For More. Now, she will be working with famous chef David Chang on their first collaboration show series under the working title Family Style. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chang has cooked for Teigen and her family for years and the two finally landed on the idea to combine their production companies, Chang's Majordomo Media and Teigen's Suit and Thai Productions. They will be working with Vox Media Studios on a reported multiyear deal to launch Hulu's first food-focused programming.


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In Family Style, Chang and Teigen will "explore the ways people express their love for family and friends through cooking and dining together."

Chang explained, "Food has become cultural currency today. People know more about food than ever before. It's never been a better time to eat in America today. People are traveling."

For him, he feels inspired to create Family Style now that he and his wife have their first child. "It's reminded me of why I got into this business," he explained. "To make someone feel joy and happiness through food." Chang added Teigen is "honest and always trying to educate and show different perspectives [on food]." I'd add she is also hilarious, relatable, charismatic, talented, and fun AF, but I suspect all of that goes without saying.

For funsies, here's a video I dug up of Chang and Teigen riding what I assume are camels through the desert.

Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff is hyped to work with both celebrities. He believes the kind of content he'll be able to make with Chang and Teigen will be exactly what the public wants and doesn't know they need yet. "The type of programming we want to do is entertaining and accessible but it's also not going to be the current food programming that you see on TV anywhere," Bankoff said. "We think that it can be done a whole lot better and in novel ways. That's the bar we are setting for ourselves."

Look, anything with Teigen is already infinitely better than it was without Teigen. Plus, her cooking Instagram stories make me drool even when it's her 3-year-old girl behind the camera using her mom's iPhone to record the magic. Imagine what can be done with professional lighting and a production crew!

I can't wait for this.