Chrissy Teigen Posted A Sweet Video Of Luna Helping Cook Ribs & It's A Whole Mood

by Jamie LeeLo
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After I die, please let me come back as Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna. It looks like she, perhaps, has the best life possible. Her parents are total badasses, she has impeccable genes, and, not for nothing, she lives in a mansion(s). Oh, yeah, and she can also cook at 2 years old. It's fine. I'm fine. We're all fine. Chrissy Teigen's video of Luna cooking ribs shows not only that they have an awesome mother-daughter bond, but that Luna definitely inherited her mom's cooking skills, too. Seriously, this little sweet baby angel goes to town salting a raw slab of rib meat, and I'm in genuine awe.

Teigen posted a series of videos on her Instagram stories the night of Jan. 20, featuring her mom and her baby girl. Together, the three women worked on making one of Teigen's signature dinners. They seasoned ribs, grilled vegetables, and did it all in what I can only assume was impeccable fashion. Luna, for example, wore a princess costume while she marinated the meat. A true icon.

Teigen also documented their dinner on Twitter, where she commented on the "tough but fair" demands Chef Luna made. Luna's job was to rub the ribs, and Chrissy's job was to bring her all the ingredients. Together, they managed to get everything on the dish, but it took a turn from there.

Clearly, Luna required a special ingredient from across the kitchen, but Teigen had a hard time figuring out exactly what. She offered Luna rosemary, bananas, cheese, and pepper, but none of those things were up to Luna's standards, nor called for in her recipe.

Fans were desperate to know what Luna needed to finish her meal, but Teigen admitted she never got to the bottom of it.

Fortunately, this cooking party was a perfect opportunity for Teigen to show off pieces of her cookware line (now available at Target). At some point, she paused taking videos of Luna and took a moment to feature one of her knives.

In one video, Teigen slowly cuts a tomato and clearly displays her signature across the knife's blade. Mr. John Legend can be heard asking, "Wow, what kind of knife is that?... I recognize that knife. I'm a big fan of hers."

Why is this family cooking affair tugging on my heart string so hard?! And where is Miles? Can someone call Miles to set, please?

Even though I know Teigen and Legend are objectively two of the hardest working people in Hollywood, they seem to have really figured out this work-life balance thing. For every promotional post, awards show, or product launch they're behind, they share an equal number of baby pictures, goofy relationship moments, or home videos. It's part of their magic and intrigue. Sure, fans know they're major celebrities, but we all somehow connect to Luna rubbing those ribs, anyway.

All of this to say, keep up the good work, fam. And, you guys, look at how delicious those freaking ribs turned out.

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