Chipotle's Boorito deal for 2020 is coming soon and you don't need a costume.

Chipotle Is Bringing Back Booritos, & You Can Score The Deal From Home

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It's almost Halloween, and that means it's almost time for Chipotle's seasonal Boorito tradition. The year 2020 marks the chain's 20-year anniversary, which means there's an extra special surprise this October. For the first time ever, Chipotle's Boorito deal for 2020 is going digital, so you can score a free burrito right from your couch.

Fans of Chipotle hail the holiday tradition of dressing up and heading to a local Chipotle on Oct. 31, but things are working a little differently this year. On Thursday, Oct. 15, Chipotle announced its Boorito deal is going digital, so instead of heading into a Chipotle location on Saturday, Oct. 31, you'll need to have your phone handy, because you can get a buy-one-get-one free (BOGO) entrée code via text message. For your chance to get one of the 500,000 BOGO deal codes, watch for a special keyword on Chipotle's official TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts from Thursday, Oct. 29 through Saturday, Oct. 31. Once you've got the keyword, you'll need to text it to 888–222 ASAP, since the 500,000 BOGO codes are only available while supplies last.

If you score a code from Chipotle’s virtual House of BOGOs event, it's only good for Saturday, Oct. 31. You can redeem your code in-store, or for pick-up or delivery when you order with the Chipotle app or on the Chipotle website. With the code, you'll get up to $10 off your second entrée —burrito, burrito bowl, or tacos — of equal or lesser value, when you buy an entrée.

Although you can't combine the Boorito deal with any other offers, you can use your Chipotle Rewards points to cover the paid first entrée, and you'll use your code to get the second entrée for free.

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When you go pick up your Chipotle order, make sure you check Chipotle's coronavirus policy and follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Sept. 11. While out, wear a mask, maintain social distancing where possible, and make sure you wash your hands after handling your to-go packaging.

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