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6 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday In Quarantine


Being quarantined during a global pandemic is probably not the birthday surprise your partner had in mind a few months ago, but unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak has caused massive disruptions to the daily lives of people all over the world that simply can't be avoided. The good news is, celebrating your partner’s birthday in quarantine doesn't have to be a total bust. However, to make the most out of this less-than-ideal situation, you're definitely going to have to get creative.

The first thing you can do to ensure your partner has a great time is to structure the day in a way that feels special and like a deviation from your usual routine. It may also be helpful to plan several surprises throughout the day so they won't have time to dwell on all the fun they'd be having with their friends and family under normal circumstances. Don't worry — the surprises don't have to be big. They just need to be sprinkled throughout the day. Something as simple as giving them a shoulder rub while they drink their coffee in the morning can count as a cute birthday surprise. Here are some more ideas that will help make a birthday spent at home feel a little less basic.

Surprise Them With Breakfast In Bed.

There's nothing like the feeling of waking up to an epic breakfast cooked by someone else. Make sure all their favorite breakfast foods make an appearance, even if you have to make a bulk Amazon Fresh order.

Have Flowers Delivered.

Is it just me, or has answering the doorbell become way more fun than it was pre-quarantine? Scheduling a flower delivery is another great way to start the day.

Bake Them A Cake.
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If your partner enjoys spending time in the kitchen, then baking their birthday cake can be a fun activity to do together. For baes who aren't into baking, a store-bought cake will also do.

Have A Picnic In The Park.

If you live in a city where parks are still open and the weather is nice, spending some (socially distanced) time outside is a must.

Go For A Sunset Drive.

Another option that involves leaving the couch is going on a sunset drive. Whether you go for a ride along the coast, in the mountains, or through the countryside, some beautiful scenery can help set a romantic tone.

Throw A Virtual Party.

Since your partner may be missing the presence of friends and family on their special day, why not bring their friends and family to them? Schedule a virtual party and have every participant bring a drink of choice.

Although the thought of celebrating a birthday in the quarantine may initially cause some serious FOMO, now more than ever is the time to challenge yourself to stay optimistic. All it takes is a little planning to ensure your SO's birthday turns out just as great as it would have pre-quarantine.