This Tiny Detail In Taylor Swift's "End Game" Music Video Is Making Fans Laugh So Hard

If you're at all present on the internet, you're probably aware that Taylor Swift released her latest music video for "End Game" at midnight on Jan. 12. FYI, it's absolute fire. And, if you know anything about our girl T. Swizzle, you might know that she like, really, really loves her cats. Make sure to take an inside look at all of the cat references in Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video, because they're actually hilarious.

There's no denying that T. Swiz' looks incredible in "End Game." Between her hella edgy-chic style and makeup, as well as too many snake references to count, Taylor's carefree attitude is super on-point, and we love it. The entire video features Tay parading through Miami and Tokyo, on the beach, at parties, at bars (wearing a super comfy hoodie), and riding through the city on a motorcycle. So for real, how cool is she? Between features from Future and Ed Sheeran, the song is pretty great. Plus, Taylor knows what she wants; she wants to be "the end game." TBH, we have mad respect for her pursuing those goals. We are just beyond obsessed with her new persona.

But the best thing about Tay's "End Game" music video has to be the fact that a cat literally makes a cameo at the end... and it's kind of hysterical. Tay's just singing her beautiful little heart out, and in the background, a cat is just chilling out, relaxin', all cool. This kitty has absolutely no idea he's in a super famous and widely viewed music video, because he's just being his adorable feline self. And, quite frankly, if we loved cats as much as Taylor does, we'd probably have a furry friend make a celeb appearance, too. They're our besties for ever — and also, why not? They're cute AF.

Obviously, Twitter is loving the cat-ppearance, because it's freaking phenomenal. However, some of the Twitterverse initially had no idea that the cat cameo was on purpose — or that there even was a cat cameo — and their reactions are hilarious.

But a select few people did get the reference, and we respect all of you. Cats are Taylor's brand, people! And Tay is all about those secret messages, you know?

Aside from the cat's literal cameo, this wasn't actually Taylor's only cat reference made throughout "End Game." At one point, Tay literally features the names of both of her furry BFF's. This was when T. Swiz is struttin' her stuff through (what appears to be) Tokyo, and there are several light-up signs in Japanese lettering. Even though fans initially didn't think much of each sign's significance, those genius and fast-paced Swifties quickly translated each sign. And along with finding references to her boyfriend (among other important hidden messages), they ended up discovering that one of the signs straight up addresses Meredith and Olivia, the names of Tay Tay's two little kitty cats. So let's be real: How freaking cute is that? Taylor, like the compassionate human she is, straight up loves her pets — and it's kind of amazing.

So, for real, this would totally be me if I were making my own music video... because I would 100 percent make endless shout outs to my dogs. Not only does Taylor have one of her lil' furry friends literally make a real-life appearance in the background of "End Game," but she also specifically designed the signs to have little shout outs to both adorable cats, Meredith and Olivia. Even for the celebrities out there like Tay Swift, pets are life and there's seriously no denying that.