Here Are All The Snake References In Taylor Swift's "End Game" Music Video

If you're a total Swifty or if you're just down to watch to the occasional T-Swift music video, you're probably aware that her latest vid for "End Game" was released on Jan. 12 at midnight. Knowing us, we're obviously super excited, because Taylor's music videos have been absolute fire since her social media hiatus — and especially since her Reputation makeover. And, because we know that Tay is the queen of turning around any bad situation for herself, she adds a few snakes to the footage. Make sure you catch the snake references in Taylor Swift's "End Game" music video, because she makes multiple digs toward the nickname she was given last year.

In terms of her "End Game" looks, our girl Taylor is once again pulling off her latest super-edgy persona. Ever since her 2017 social media break, she's been sporting this awesome no-bull attitude, and we're so about it. "End Game" features some chic AF eye makeup, several sweet crop tops, and a scene where Taylor rides among a group of other badasses on a freaking motor cycle. So there's no denying that Tay looks super fly. And featuring rapper and songwriter, Future, as well as longtime bestie, Ed Sheeran, the song and video leaves us totally starstruck.

In terms of bringing back the snake references for her brand, you probably remember Tay and Kimye's rivalry from 2016. Tay was disappointed that Kanye had featured a naked wax figure of her in his video, "Famous" — apparently without her permission — and that the song lyric inappropriately said "me and Taylor might still have sex." Swift publicly expressed her anger, which led to Kim releasing a phone call recording, in which Tay may have agreed to let Kanye reference her in the song. We don't know what the deal with that was, but everyone started calling T-Swizzle a "snake." With Taylor taking no more crap from anyone, she ultimately decided to incorporate "snake" into her brand, shown by these amazing references in "End Game."

1. You may have noticed her wearing snake print while riding the motorcycle.

By including snake print into her outfit, Taylor is clearly not giving a single damn in the world that anyone ever called her a snake.

2. We can't forget the scene where she plays a "snake game" on that handheld gaming device.

Reminiscent of that computer game we all used to play in the early '00s called "Snake," Taylor is the queen of snark (and we totally love it).

3. Those snake straws were clearly on purpose and we love it.

4. And finally, we cannot forget the snake earrings to match that snake print outfit.

5. Also, this isn't related, but seriously, whose cat is this? This guy needs an agent, or something. He's a natural.

The bottom line is: OMG, Tay threw so much shade towards her unforgettable beef with Kimye. And since we love T. Swizzle and her new slithery persona, we're obviously super into it. Taylor is the sass master we've been waiting to grace our lives, because she's finally let go judgement from anyone. She has absolutely no time for bullsh*t.

Reveling in the fact that she is, in fact, "a snake" herself, we're all for T's new attitude and her carefree persona. Without being mean, rude, or calling anyone out, Taylor is throwing the shade she relentlessly received for being "a snake," and we feel that she couldn't be handling the situation better. Alongside Future, and our dearly beloved Ed, Taylor couldn't care less about what anyone else thinks of her, and it's totally amazing.