Cardi B Just Wore Some Sneakers You Have To See To Believe, & Even Then, You Still Might Be Confused

2018 was truly a year for pushing the limits when it came to fashion and creativity, and we saw some looks I will never forget, no matter how hard I try. Forever destined to be the center of attention, it's no surprise Cardi B had to throw her hat in the ring when it came to the year's most wild looks, and boy, did she deliver. She recently graced the 'Gram wearing the most unique kicks I've ever seen — so unique, in fact, that I wasn't sure if I was seeing them correctly. Cardi B's sneaker heels are breaking the internet as we speak, and her fans are not shy about sharing their thoughts on her latest look.

When Cardi B posts on her social media, I know to expect one of two things. It's usually either a slang-heavy tweet starting or clearing up drama, or a fire OOTD that has me quickly Google searching to see who makes the outfit. This time around, it was the latter, and while I did love her quilted neon orange two-piece set, her footwear choice left me a little...confused?

See for yourself, and if you need to do a double-take to clarify, feel free:

Cardi is wearing a pair of sneakers by design duo DSquared2, but at first glance, it looks like she might be wearing two pairs. The sneakers feature a heel of sorts, made out of what looks like a second pair of sneakers. I don't even hate it, honestly, I'm just confused by it. I want to like them, but I need to know more. For starters, what? And secondly, why?

I'm not the only one with thoughts on her kicks, as Instagram users were quick to share whether they thought these sneakers were a hit or a miss. "Them some sneakers inside some sneakers," wrote one commentor trying to make sense of the footwear. "Those shoes are trippy," another agreed. One fan even went as far as insinuating that Cardi had altered the photo, accusing: "Photoshopped ? What’s up with the sneakers" Fortunately, at least one commentor was asking the important questions: "They cool, but what part of the shoe does your feet go in?"

I'm pretty sure her heels are in the top pair, but who knows, random Instagram user, who knows:

Cardi B/Instagram

Not everyone was confused by Cardi's look, though. "You so rich your shoes got Shoes😭🗣 OKURRR👌🏽," praised one user, another proclaiming, "When your shoes got shoes that’s how you KNOW you poppin ❤️."

If excess is truly wealth, maybe double sneakers are Cardi B's way of showing off her schmoney?

I can't seem to find the name of this particular style, but if I had to guess, it would be something as equally bizarre and confusing as they look. Maybe it would even be similar to one of Cardi's signature noises? The "Okurrr" Illusion Heel, perhaps? The "Eeeeooowwww" Stacked Sneakers? Either one has a ring to it.

To think all this time, we thought Cardi B only cared about "bloody shoes" and "those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks," meanwhile she was hiding this pair of sneaker statement heels away from the public eye. I still have mixed feelings about this look, but I'll choose to move forward after taking into consideration the wise words of one fan commenting on others' negativity: "shut up yall cant aford her shoes doe." True that.