Cardi B's Outfit During Her Grammys Performance Just Became A Meme & I'm LOLing

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

An iconic evening in the music industry took over Madison Square Garden in New York City on the last Sunday of January. Eager fans and social media connoisseurs alike know that any award show means memes are about to be lit AF. The 2018 Grammys memes about Cardi B's outfit will make you think comedians were literally standing by just to make everyone break out into uncontrollable laughter throughout the show.

Memes are where some of the funniest people bless the internet, and we are so here for them. Honestly, it has gotten to the point where we don't even know awards shows or anything involving celebrities without a trail of memes on our Facebook and Twitter feeds to follow. Hey, we have to find some way to stay entertained since our invite to these star-studded events seems to get lost in the mail or something.

Celebrities are only human, and between a fashion sense some of us can't relate to and little bloopers that happen throughout the night, they all make for meme potential. Oftentimes, these are things we never would have caught if it wasn't a meme or it's a mass thought was finally put into a unifying form.

Cardi B's performance with Bruno Mars was like stepping back into the '90s. From the dance moves to the clothes, it was super surreal for anyone who lived and adored everything about that time. Unfortunately, Twitter went down memory lane and brought Cardi B's outfit along with them as they compared it to rainbow objects from their childhood. I mean, is anyone ever really safe from the merciless opinions and critiques of Twitter? It just comes with the territory.

And as excited as we are to see some of our favorite singers and songwriters have their grand moments on stage, we are always waiting to see how someone perceived a particular moment we may have overlooked, and placed it in a meme. That's just the way things are these days. The Grammys are anything but dull, and these memes were some of the funniest things to look at as the spectacular show unfolded this year.

Apparently It Looked Like That Parachute From Gym Class
kryptonianblerd on Twitter

I totally remember this in grade school. Why did Twitter have to come for Cardi B with this? That parachute shed some extra shade when we were younger, and apparently it is making a comeback and bringing the shade to Cardi's outfit.

The Hot Dog On A Stick Uniform Showed A Resemblance
power106la on Twitter

The colors are super on point, but that could clearly be a coincidence. People really do recall any and everything when it comes to comparing celebrity outfits. Seriously, Twitter mercilessly reveals their opinion during every award show and if you're in need of a good laugh, you tune in. I definitely want a corn do now though.

The Parachute Idea Really Couldn't Be Let Go
yodellingmama on Twitter

Dang, ya'll. I get it. The colors coincide perfectly, but wasn't the idea to embody the '90s? If you happen to be a '90s baby and you remember this parachute, then Cardi B did her job and brought you back to those times. Rainbows will always be mesmerizing, and we're all feeling super nostalgic right now.

Elementary Gym Class Was Really On Everyone's Mind
angelaanaconda0 on Twitter

Well, it seems like Cardi B's outfit brought bacck elementary grade school feels. Why did we even have that parachute for gym class? Not sure what we were actually working out, but it's clearly a memory none of us have forgotten, huh? It beats middle school gym class for sure.

The Rainbow Colors Made Us Remember
lunnjoey on Twitter

Isn't it funny how a collaboration of colors can instantly remind us of a time from way back when? The consensus was definitely in the elementary days and not for anything bad. That rainbow was super memorable and Cardi B was slaying the outfit in her performance.

Memes make the Internet so much better. You can always count on them for some comedic relief.