Cardi B Dragged Trump For Being Messy On Twitter & She Was Brutal

Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is definitely fed up with the President, and she's not afraid to show it. She's called out Donald Trump many times before. Now, she's coming for his Twitter fingers. Cardi B's quotes about Donald Trump being messy on Twitter are brutal, and so on point.

In January 2019, Cardi slammed Trump for sending government employees to work without pay. In November 2019, she also questioned why Trump decided to run for president if he "doesn't love every American citizen." Now, in her January 2020 Vogue cover story, Cardi called out Trump for acting more like a celebrity than a president, specifically calling out his affinity for feuding with A-listers, rather than leading the country. (The White House did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on Cardi's comments.)

"I feel like not any of these Democrats have a really strong support base — I’m gonna say a fan base, because it’s almost like a fan base, what Trump has," Cardi told Vogue. "Because he was an entertainer, Trump knows how to get them to keep on talking about him."

"All these little antics that he do, like get into arguments with Chrissy Teigen, it’s just techniques to get attention. And I get that. You like a certain artist that do crazy sh*t," she added.

Cardi B has a point. As a rapper, she's all too familiar with the rumors surrounding rap beefs and whether they're real or created for clout.

In the interview, she also described the characteristics for her ideal commander-in-chief and, obviously, her shortlist doesn't include hate speech or Twitter feuds.

"But this person is in charge of our country," she said. "This person is in charge of our well-being. When it comes to my president, I want my president to be, like, extremely holy. That is the person I want to look up to. I don’t want my president to have any hatred toward a certain type of people. I don’t want my president to be arguing with freaking celebrities or caring what people think of him. I want my president to tell me an answer on sh*t that really matters. I don’t want my president to entertain me. I just don’t."

What she does want is a humanitarian, such as 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She's openly endorsed him, and even interviewed Sanders in August 2019 as part of his campaign efforts. Cardi B explained to Vogue why she believes Sanders is the right person for the job.

"One thing that I like about Bernie is that, you know, there’s proof that he’s been doing this for years. That he been caring about people for years," she said. "That it’s inside of him, being a humanitarian. When I see the candidates be like, oh well, some of his bills, they not perfect. If he’s such a perfect person, why is Vermont not perfect? People are not perfect, but he has the perfect intentions. He naturally cares about minorities. He actually cares about people getting Medicare because he knows they can’t afford it. I don’t feel like he’s just saying these things ’cause he want the vote."

Regardless of whether you agree with Cardi's favorite candidate or not, there's one thing for certain, and it's that Cardi has America's best interest at heart.