Cardi B, who started a fortune-telling Instagram account, throws up a peace sign for a camera while ...

You Can Get Cardi B To Predict How 2021 Will Go For You By DMing Her New IG

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Put down the notebook and pen you're using to write down resolutions for 2021, because Cardi B knows what your future holds. The rapper, who dominated 2020 with her catchy single "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion, is taking to Instagram this holiday season to tell your fortune. To get the celeb-approved prediction, you simply need to send a direct message to Cardi B's fortune-telling Instagram account.

It's seriously that easy. Although, it is important to note that the account — as of Dec. 24, 2020 — already has 23.6 thousand followers. It may take a bit to get your fortune, or your message may get graced over since Cardi B is probably pretty busy working on future projects, promoting her recent collab with Reebok, and celebrating the major recognition that is Billboard's 2020 Woman of the Year award. The rapper is truly always up to something, but this may be her most cosmic project yet.

According to Billboard, Cardi B launched the Instagram account that can be found at the handle @cardibtruthteller on Dec. 22, 2020. Its feed only has had nine photos since the launch, which read, "Get Your New Year's Read From Cardi B" when put all together. The photos look like a close-up of a crystal ball, and are graced with tiny stars here and there, that'll speak to your astrology-loving soul. The bio says, "2020 has been rough baby. DM me for an inspirational 2021 reading," paired with a crystal ball emoji, along with a shooting star and the phases of the moon.

In the account's profile picture, Cardi B is sporting another extra #look, made up of bright blue diamonds. It certainly works alongside the title, "Supreme Truth Teller," to show fans that they're in magical hands when DMing the account. Its inbox will be open for fortune readings by Cardi B from Dec. 26, 2020 to New Year's Eve night. Fans can slide in for what seems to be a positive quote, as Cardi mentions on Twitter.

Right now, Cardi fans are on high alert as the celeb has teased what she is working on several times. In one semi-revealing tweet from Dec. 22, 2020, she said, "The day I drop the surprise the day before I'm going to announce the surprise is coming OK?" However, the fortune-telling Instagram account appears to be part of the promotion for a new series on Facebook titled "Cardi Tries ___," that the star is launching, per the tweet where Cardi mentioned the DMs would consist of positive quotes.

Either way, fans can get excited because, whether the celeb gets to your DM or not, 2021 is coming up all Cardi B. And it'll be a sight to see.